Friday, June 27, 2003

Blog or Diary?

The latest interview on Nizam’s weblog today on Oon Yeoh got me thinking that what I am doing here cannot be considered a “true” blog. It seems that my daily musing and rants qualifies more as an online-diary. Come to think about it, there is some truth in that characterization. Most of the things I write about in my entries are outward expressions of my thoughts and emotions. Of course those thoughts and emotions would not really have any links that I could include in my entry for other people to browse further for more information. So by the given definition of a blog, my entries clearly do not fit the description.

It actually does not matter is my daily entries are blogs or online-diary entries. We all have ways to express ourselves here in the net. For some of us, the Net is the only place where we do have the freedom of expression that some people take for granted. For some that freedom is taken to the extreme in both content and taste. Maybe they are the ones who warrant the label of “exhibitionist” or maybe not depending on who you ask. To label online-diarist as those hungry for attention does smack of elitism if not outright generalization. We all have different reasons for venting our emotions on the Net. Even if some do it to grab attention, to lump everyone else in the same category is not exactly wise.

I may just have a knee-jerk reaction to the interview. I may also just be brewing a storm in a teapot by putting these thoughts in words. But at least I am doing them so I move forward. I don’t really care if anyone reads this rant because the attention is not what I seek. I seek the self-satisfaction of knowing that I exercised my right of freedom of expression and of choice.

A choice to speak out even when there is no one listening.

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