Thursday, June 26, 2003

Misc Ramblings

Don’t really know what to write for today’s blog entry. Nothing interesting or unusual happened at work today that would be worth noting down. Nothing happening on the personal life front either. I could have easily skipped today’s entry but I don’t want to set a precedent of skipping an entry when I have been so good at keeping up with my entries. This was a problem that I had before with my old writing journal that I eventually abandoned. I kept on thinking that I have to write something insightful or it wouldn’t be worth to enter it into the journal. I know now that you don’t need to be insightful all the time. Each thought that is noted down into these entries are unique and they represent a snapshot of how I feel at that particular moment.

So … anyway, I got the latest issue of the “Impiana” magazine today. I just only started to read this interior design magazine recently in hopes of getting some ideas on how to design my new condo. Of course the new place will not be ready until 2006 but it doesn’t hurt to start planning from now, isn’t it? At the rate of the price increases, I may not have sufficient funds to decorate the place if I waited until the end before I start planning. I kinda have an idea of the concept that I would like to have but I must say that it would take a minor treasure chest to get it all. I may not be able to afford it all at once but if I plan it well ahead of time, I can spread out the purchase over a period of time and still end up with what I want.

At the moment, I’m really interested in making the place up like something out of an IKEA catalogue. I actually like their minimal designs and clean lines rather than the rustic look. On the other hand that may look too cold and sterile. You can tell that I don’t really know what I want at the moment. This is where the magazines come in. Hopefully they would have something that I would like and hopefully it will be within my means to obtain. At least I still have ample time to plan.

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