Monday, December 29, 2003

A New Year, A New Look

Just in time for the upcoming New Year, here is the new blog layout and color scheme that I mentioned before. Hopefully this new look to this site will reinvigorate my fast deflating drive to keep my blog site current with new entries every week day.

As you can see, there are some sections on the blog site that seems a bit off because, to be frank, it is. There are places where there are supposed to be graphic backgrounds to them but somehow I still can make them to work. I’ve put down the correct link (I think!) in the style section of the html code but somehow it wasn’t loading them correctly. After spending a weekend fiddling with it, I finally decided to take a step back and see if it can work with the way that it is now.

I totally suck at html coding so I began this process by looking at other people’s blog and finding out things that work and things that don’t work so well from their blogs. Form the very beginning, I knew that I wanted to organize this site into sections that are clearly differentiated from each other, an idea that I got from Nizam’s site, since it would make navigation much easier. It also allows me more logical space for any future expansions.

The other item that I had to consider was the color scheme that I wanted for this new look. Given that I have no fashion or color-coordinating imagination sense whatsoever, I was at a lost pondering the choices. I only know blues, greens and grays.... everything else is lost to me. So I knew I wanted a combination of the colors that I personally liked and felt would not terribly offended anyone else who might be stopping by this site for a visit. I lucked out in that I stumbled across the Ann-S-Thesia website which had several eye catching blog templates that were really insightful.

Of course, in the beginning I wanted to take the simpler path of taking one of the web templates and linking back to the source. Specifically, I choose the Eyesite 22: Shoreline template for the new look that I was planning. It had all the requisite hues that I liked and it was arranged in the manner that I’ve envisioned it. Unfortunately, once I started working on it, I couldn’t get the graphics to load properly and finally I decided stay with it as it for the moment until I can figure out what went wrong.

To be fair, I still linked back my page to Ann-S-Thesia as I did get the color scheme idea from her website. Since I didn’t really use all of the elements from her Shoreline web template and had to tweak some color changes more to my liking, I’ve decided to credit the site as the inspiration for this new look. I hope I don’t get into any problems with this.

So here it is... the so-called new look for the New Year. I personally like the calming colors and the sections itself hopefully still invokes the colors of sands and surf. This look may change again sometime in the future once I figure out how to make the graphics work but until then I’m quite content with how it looks right now.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Backlog Lame Excuse - Part 2

Man ... I'm really way backlogged in my blog entries. I'm getting swamped with work in the office and my internet connection at home is refusing to work properly for more than 2 weeks now. Hopefully I would be able to arrange something soon.