Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Fire !

At 3am this morning, I was woken up from deep slumber by the sound of sirens blaring. After checking to make sure that it was not from my alarm clock (heh), I stumbled out of bed to check out what was going on. From my apartment I could see flames coming out of the hardware shop across the street. The first thought that crossed my mind is that this could be dangerous as I knew that the place had some paint for sale. All those paint cans in a fire … definitely not good. By the time I snapped out of the minor panic, I realized that there were already 3 fire trucks on the scene and the firemen were already in the process of putting the fire out. It was kinda scary for a bit seeing the flames towering over everyone. Good thing that the wind wasn’t really blowing hard last night of it could have been worse. Once I was sure that the fire would not spread out to the surrounding area, I went back to bed.

This morning, as I was leaving to work, I managed to see the extent of the damage. It seems that the fire completely destroyed the main office of the store and some of the storage area. I couldn’t see how much damage the place sustained further in but I would guess from the fire last night that the damage was extensive. A few guys from Tenaga were also on site to repair the power lines that were impacted by the fire. I have to say that this is the closest I’ve been to this type of disaster. I tried not to think too much about it or about how close it was to the place I lived.

BTW … started on the “Real World: Las Vegas” DVD set last night. I actually sat through the first 8 episodes in one sitting. “Real World” is one of my vices. I know that it’s trashy TV but I just can’t pull myself from watching it. The same goes with other reality TV shows. Must be for the voyeuristic thrill of the whole thing. And also for some eye candy especially in the seasons when they have a majority of cute guys. First impression of this particular season is that the guys are all hotties, especially Frank whom I would totally fall for, but dumb as rocks. Not to mention totally slutty. As for the girls, they are totally beautiful in a Christina skaky way.

It’s raining heavily outside now. The first time it rained in 2 weeks, I think. At least tonight would be cooler. The heat has been totally stifling the past week. I keep getting up in the morning with sweat stains on my bed and smelling pretty bad. Hopefully tonight would be better.

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