Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Outsourcing on My Mind

I have a lot of things to think about in the next 2 days.

This coming Friday is my deadline to decide whether to accept or reject the new job offer that was given as part of the outsourcing package. While the new job does offer an increase in my monthly paycheck, I’ll be losing much in terms of comparable benefits that I’m currently enjoying. I know that I don’t really use much of those benefits but it does provide me with a safety net knowing that it would be there should I need it. I have been enjoying that security for such a long time no that to think about losing it is a bit frightening.

The new job that they are offering me is basically the same thing that I’ve been doing for the past 7 years. The only difference is that I’ll be working for a local company instead of a MNC as I do now. I guess that the way that local companies do business is bound to be a lot different from how I’m used to. For one, they require us to submit daily work reports which I have never done before. In fact, I really hate the fact that I have to report every minute of my day to some nameless/faceless supervisor who I’ll be answerable to. I actually much preferred it if I was let on my own devices to complete the task on hand rather than having someone always hovering over my shoulder.

If I decide to refuse this offer, my options in my current company will shrink to next to nothing. For one, my whole department will cease to exist and I have to be transferred to a different operations. While my current skill sets are totally suited for my current position, I am wholly lacking in the skills that are required to work effectively in other departments. Guess that this is the curse of being too specialized. I probably end up being put into some task that would bore me to death while I try to catch up to others who have been around for quite sometime. Worse case scenario would be that they put me in cold storage for as long as I can stand it until I submit my resignation letter!

Either way, I have the next 2 days to weigh my options and decide the next course of action. Whatever that choice may be, I have promised myself that I will stand by my decision and never regret it once it has been made.

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