Monday, June 16, 2003

Thoughts on National Service

I caught a bit about the upcoming mandatory National Service for secondary school leavers on the news this morning. The way that I understand it, the way that they will decide on who will be called up for National Service will be based on a random selection of their ID numbers from the group of 18 year olds. It sounds similar like the draft that US went through in the 70’s. Penalties for dodging the draft sound pretty severe to “discourage” parents from preventing their children from joining the National Service.

As a whole, I support National Service for these youngsters. When I look at my brother, who will be turning 18 next year, and his friends of the same age, there seem to be a lack of direction for them after school. Most of them whom I’ve met seem to lack the drive to do something other than hang out and watch TV! I’m sometimes astounded by the apathy that teenagers nowadays have towards themselves and those around them. Are we that well off in life as a society that taking things for granted has become second nature?

I realize that National Service is not the only answer to the issue here but at least this is a good start. Hopefully this will help build a better generation of leaders who will in the future hold Malaysia’s destiny in their hands.

I just realize how old I feel writing today’s weblog.

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