Friday, May 30, 2003

TGIF !!!!!

Just got through a 2-hour meeting for the company annual dinner organizing committee. Man ... that was really long. The good thing is that this would be our last meeting before the event next week. We can all take a break until then since all the preparations has been completed.

Looking back .. didn't really accomplish much this week. Work as usual ... sucks big time especially when everyone is a bit apprehensive about next week's outsourcing meeting. We are all hoping that by this time next week we still have the same jobs. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed but some of my peers are already thinking about leaving the company. Maybe I should get out my old resume and start updating it.

Whatever happens next week, we'll see. As for now, I'm looking forward for the weekend.

On Buying Presents

Got a call form Mum today. She reminded me about the Sunday afternoon tea for my nephew's birthday. Guess I have to get him a present tomorrow. Last year I gave him a big stuffed gorrilla ... the look on his face was priceless when he opened the box.

Don't really know what he would like this year. What do 2-year olds like anyway these days? I know that he was into dinosaurs after watching that dino story over and over again on CD sometime back ... wonder if he still like them? I've never been good at buying presents ... too critical I guess. I always want to make sure that my presents would be something that the receiver remembers me by at least until the following year's birthday.

Sometimes this leads me to give the same present year after year. Case in point is my yearly present to S. It's to the point that he doesn't even have to guess what it would be since it is always a bottle of Tommy perfume year in and out. I always tell him that that will remind him of me for a long time to come.

I guess I'll try that Toyland store at Sunway Piramid tomorrow. It's been opened for sometime but I've never been inside it although I'm pratically in Sunway Piramid almost weekly. If nothing there looks promising, then the Toys'r'Us in Subang might be the next choice.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Watching Too Much TV

Pre blog musings.

Thought that I start off with some stuff from earlier this week.

Sub: Dawson's Creek
I'm really sad that to hear that this series has ended :( I really liked this series ... from what I manage to watch on M'sian TV and from the time I was in the States. I would also really miss my weekly DC recaps fix from ... they really don't spare the snark!

From the recaps and forum at the TWOP site, I gather that the series finale was well recieved and that many were pleased with how the J/P/D triangle got sorted out finally. Also read that MW ran circles around everybody else in terms of acting ... sigh ... now I just have to be patient and wait until they release DC S6 on DVD. Hopefully it would not be a long wait ... until then I have to be satisfied with DC S1 DVD set.

BTW ... Jackers and Doug ... sigh. I'll pay good money to see that.

Sub: Babylon 5 Season 2.
Finally got around to listen to the audio commentary from the latest B5 DVD release last night and throughly enjoyed it. JMS's track is as enjoyable as B5 S1 collection though he does seem to be obsessed about hair and tables this time around. The best audio track has to be the cast commentary ... it's a total laugh riot! The chia pet hair comment really crack me up.

The set is definitely a keeper. I guess that I should start saving for future sets. Man ... I can just hear my credit card groaning. Last year was from the ST:TNG sets ... this year it's the B5, Angel & DC sets. Not to mention the X-Files set ... grrr.

Note to self : Should plan to get more selves for the DVD's. Running out of space soon with the set boxes.

Sub: Misc.
It's Thusday so tonight is Angel night. They just started showing season 3 on TV2 and I don't want to miss and episode. Yeah ... I've read the recaps on TWOP many, many times over but so what. Seeing goofy,dopey DB again every week now is definitely a high point of the week. I know ... it's pathetic but hey ... I'll take whatever I can get.