Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stray thoughts

"When it is not dark enough, you can’t see the stars."

I got this from a fellow blogger’s blog site and I have not been able to get it out of my mind since morning. The sentiments behind the words are so simple but at times when the thought is most needed seems to be the most difficult to grasp. More often than not, when one finds themselves in a dark place of their lives it’s really hard to realize that things don’t stay dark forever. Worst part of the experience is that the feeling that you are all alone in what you have to go through.

Looking back on my own experiences, there has been more than a few dark times in my life. Some I got through by sheer preservation and honestly some I never really knew how I managed to survive through it. I guess copious amount of mind altering substances might have had a hand in me getting through those that I don’t remember. Good thing that I got wise to the fact that in the end I had to get myself through the dark times without chemical influence if I really wanted to have a lasting resolution to my problems. I shudder to think how I might have ended up today as if I had not learnt that lesson when I did.

Having friends around you when you are going through the darkest times of your life is something that I have always been thankful for. Somehow I have been fortunate enough to always been able to find a sympathetic ear to bend even when I thought that I was at my loneliest. Because of that I have always believe in never declining to be a shoulder to turn to in times of trouble to any of my friends. Of course this has led to some problems in some occasions especially when it involves me being in the middle of feuding couples which makes me a bit hesitant in my later years to offer advise on the subject of relationships. What I do now is more to cheer them up so they could at least have some respite to collect their thoughts. If they are in their darkest place, I hope that I could be a bright point in the sky for them to look forward to.

As I sit now at home away from the office recovering from a mild case of food poisoning and feeling a bit pensive despite the bright sunny day outside, I still have the simple sentiments that I started this entry with on my mind. It is when it is darkest that the sky really lights up. One only need to remember to look up to be able to appreciate it then. No matter how low you feel at that particular moment, it only takes a gaze to see that there is something better waiting for you to reach out to.

Hence my favorite thing to say when I feel down …

Buck up ‘lil camper.

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