Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Looking forward for a good year

It’s strange really when the moment you thought that you have everything planned out then life throws you a curve ball and messes everything up. That’s the only excuse I can give for not updating this blog for the past 6 months.

I did honestly planned to recap the “One in A Million” show but when I started to miss watching the shows and repeats on their website, my interest in the whole endeavor quickly waned. Somehow it didn’t feel the same like when I recapped the whole season of MI2 … I was motivated then by the talents on the show but that motivation was strangely absent in the case of OIAM. In the end I decided to chuck the whole project out of the window instead of feeling guilty that I’m not putting an effort to recap episode after episode.

I also continued on my summer ’06 blockbuster movie watching spree but felt writing about them fairly pointless after a while. I fell into a writing rut that all I wanted to do was to just concentrate on my work and not dwell on how I was personally smothering my creative impulses. I became less guilty as the days went by for every entry that I didn’t write to the point that I simply didn’t care for it any more.

So … what’s changed?

For one … one of my new years resolution is to let my creative side more leeway to roam free. It has been a few years since I really produced something that I was really proud of both personally and professionally. I don’t want to continue feeling that I was just going with the flow and just letting things happen around me. It’s time for me to snap out of the general malaise that I have been wallowing lately and take back charge of my course yet to be navigated.

Writing is exactly the outlet I need to exercise my new found determination for change. There was a time that I could pour out my personal demons on printed word and not have them bottled up within to fester. I need to have that feeling of control again in my life. To that effect, I’ve decided to reactivate this blog as a way for me to keep myself in practice. I’ve also set myself two writing projects to be completed by the end of the year. One of them is the continuation of my previously abandoned collection of autobiographical stories from my experiences of studying in a boarding school and the other is a film screenplay adaptation of an original story written by a fellow blogger.

Will I be able to do it … heaven knows but I know that I will put in my best effort to try. I can’t ask more of myself than that. If I do then it would truly be a good year for me.

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