Monday, January 29, 2007

Someone To Watch Over Me

I had a very strange dream last weekend.

In my dream, I saw my late grandmother, who has been dead for nearly 10 years, again. She was came to my current apartment, which she never did before as she was too sick to make it up the 4 flights of stairs to my apartment, and showed me a row of books that I have never seen before. I don’t remember now what the books were about and where they came from but I distinctly remember the feeling that those books were valuable some how. I also don’t actually recalled what we talked about in that dream but I remember waking up feeling relieved about something that I can’t put my finger on. It was as if she had come to help me with something that was weighing heavily on my mind although I’m hard pressed to recall now what it might have been. She always had a knack of comforting me when I needed it the most and I believe that she still does it for me even after she has passed on somehow.

I do believe that she still looks over me and this might be just one of the times that she pops in to remind me that she still does. I hope that she doesn’t get too shocked to see what I have been doing lately but I think that deep in her heart she knew me better than what I gave her credit for. It is comforting nevertheless to know that there is always a loved one looking over me.

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