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A Night To Remember - Part 2

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In the short moment that it took for Ste to debate his options, Jamie’s eyes clouded again with fresh tears. Ste took in a deep breath and let himself carried by the flow of the moment. His heart had never led him astray before and he hoped that it would not do so tonight. Gently he lifted Jamie’s head again and pressed his lips softly to Jamie’s.

When his lips touched Jamie’s soft lips, the familiar tingle that he felt before started to shoot up his spine. Unknowingly, Ste held his breath for fear that even the passage of air though his body would chase away this wonderful sensation. The pressure of the kiss became stronger as Ste let go of the last of his doubts and focused on thoughts of gratitude for Jamie’s tears. A calmness settled over him as Ste realized that he would never want this feeling to ever go away. Slowly his arm rose to encircle Jamie and pull him close to Ste’s body. Ste wanted to feel the warmth that was pouring out of Jamie’s heart on his skin.

Through the mist of sadness, Jamie’s mind snapped to attention at the contact of Ste’s lips. Every single conscious thought in his mind was suddenly exiled and left him with the just the physical sensation of the kiss. Jamie was not aware that had stopped breathing when Ste put his soft lips on his. A sudden explosion of colours threaten to overwhelm his mind as he felt the kiss became more insistent. A deep moan began to vibrate in the back of his throat as Jamie’s body started to relax at the comforting sensations of Ste’s arms pulling him close to his body. The flow of tears that threaten to drown his heart with sorrow had stop as suddenly as it came before.

Without him knowing it, Ste’s tongue stirred into a life of it’s own. It began to trace the ridges of Jamie’s teeth hesitantly asking permission to find it’s soft counterpart. Sensing the unspoken request, Jamie slightly parted the pearly gates that guarded his own tongue and beckon a silent welcome. When the tips of the two meet, a sudden jolt of electricity rushed through their nerve endings toward the two unprepared brains the result of which broke contact between the two soft lips. Ste and Jamie looked at each other in disbelieve while gasping for air that their starved lungs demanded.

“Did you feel that too?” Ste blurted out as soon as he had enough breath to form the words to his question.

Jamie’s face was flushed with surprised and excitement. “Yeah! What was that?” he said panting to find his breath.

Ste shyly looked at Jamie’s equally surprised expression. “I don’t know what it was but … My God!” his voice trailed off as he tried find the words to express the sensation. “Wanna find out?” Ste breathlessly asked with a cheeky grin on his face. Jamie could do nothing other than nod at the offer before their lips meet again to find the source of the wonderful feeling that they both just experienced.

With tentative steps, the two young adventurers retrace their path that led to that wondrous place that they glimpsed so briefly before. Both were silently amazed at how easy it was to find themselves standing again upon the gates of the same moment that overwhelmed their inexperienced senses. It was as if they were born for this journey and that every fibre of their being were created to find themselves in this moment. As time seemed to slow around them, they found themselves right back where they had parted moments before.

As soon as the tips of their tongue met, the now familiar spark seemed to jump from one to the other electrifying their senses. Having felt the spark before, the two minds steeled themselves against the breath taking sensations and were immediately rewarded with a wave of calmness that washed away all doubt that this was where they were meant to be. No longer were there conscious thoughts crowding away the sensations that came in soft waves over the two. Both reacting to the other without realising that they did not need to know what the other was asking. For a moment they found themselves in a familiar place that they never knew they’ve been before.

Their gentle exploration that began tentatively continued as time seemed to stop to worship the moment. Little by little instincts began to guide the two young boys through the motions that both never imagine finding themselves in. Ste’s hand began to softly trace the ridges of Jamie’s spine causing a slight shudder to run in the direction of his hands. Unknowingly, Jamie’s hands slipped gently under Ste’s T-shirt and started to stroke the sides of the boy in front of him ever so gently.

The sensations of Jamie’s soft hands gently warming his sides, Ste began to slip his free hand under Jamie’s T-shirt. Pausing for a moment to savour the soft skin of Jamie’s firming belly, Ste’s hands began to inch closer upwards towards Jamie’s unmoving chest. As Ste’s hands softly settled on Jamie’s chest, his beating heart began to race as he starts to feel the thumping of Jamie’s racing heart. The thumping became much faster as Ste began to slowly trace loving circle on the soft expanse of Jamie’s chest. Losing control of his limbs, Jamie unknowingly began to squeeze Ste’s side harder.

“Ouch!” Ste suddenly sat up straight and winced at the sudden sharp pain at his sides.

Jamie quickly lifted his hands from Ste’s side on hearing Ste’s pain. As he tried to extricate himself from Ste’s T-shirt, Jamie began to lose his balance and started to fall backwards taking Ste with him. As he was pulled forwards, Ste’s elbow dipped lower and accidentally hit Jamie’s groin area. Wholly surprised by the sudden pressure, Jamie began to cry out in pain only to be quickly cut off by Ste’s lips sealing his and stealing away the surprised yelp. Soon the lips began to muffle childish giggling that started to raise up deep within both boys. As Ste slowly lifted his lips from Jamie’s, he saw himself reflected in Jamie’s eyes. For one moment, they both share the same expression of trying their best to not break up laughing at their situation.

“You’re going to cut off my circulation if you don’t move your elbow, Ste” Jamie said as he valiantly tried to keep a straight face.

“Serves you right for squeezing me too tight!” Ste’s countered playfully and cheekily rubbed his elbow at Jamie’s groin.

A soft gasp for air escaped Jamie’s lungs as he felt the stirring in his groin responding to Ste’s uncharacteristic closeness. “You sure you want your elbow to be where it is right now, Ste?” Jamie breathlessly whispered to Ste and coyly fluttered his eye lids like many of the old time starlets that he saw on those old movies on telly.

Ste arched his eyebrows in surprise at Jamie’s behaviour for a moment before looking down and realising where his elbow was pressing. In an instant, his faced blushed the reddest shade of red imaginable as the realization of what had happened finally dawned to him. He quickly moved his elbow away and tried to be nonchalant about his predicament. He shyly turn to face Jamie and found himself looking at the widest smile that he ever saw on another person. Jamie’s grin was so infectious that Ste could not help himself from breaking into a grin that mirrored the one he was seeing himself.

“Why, thank you Master Steven. I finally have control of all my faculties” Jamie playfully pushed Ste up while still grinning from ear to ear.

Trying hard to contain his laughter, Ste was only able to blurt out the first comeback that came to his mind. “Silly git!” he whispered softly as he moved away slowly from Jamie’s warm arms.

“That’s Mr. Silly Git to you.” Jamie said with a naughty twinkle in his eyes.

“Alright then Mr. Silly Git. What do we do now?” Ste valiantly trying to be serious despite the small giggles that he was trying to contain.

Ever playing the role of the movie starlet, Jamie began to luxuriously stretch out across the bed as if to loosen every taut fibre of his being after the wonderful assault to his senses. “Don’t really know actually. It’s not like it’s something that they teach in school, innit?” Jamie said as he shyly glanced at the boy hovering in the field of vision in front of him.

Ste immediately stopped giggling as he began to weigh Jamie’s words. He never thought of how far he wanted to take this new experience. Being able to touch another and be touched without the fear of being hurt was an intoxicating experience. Kissing Jamie came surprisingly easy despite the fact that he was kissing another boy. He has kissed other people, all of them girls, but this time was different. There were no clumsy motions to go through. With Jamie, it came naturally. No thoughts of trying to figure out how to do it right. No pressure on him to impress Jamie with any fancy kissing technique. With Jamie it was as if that perfect kissed was there all along waiting for this night to blossom. But a kiss was miles away from the next step that Jamie might be thinking about if Ste was reading him right. Ste paused a moment to consider what would be his next step.

(to be continued)

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