Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New Reality Show on TV3

I’m currently watching the latest TV3 reality show, “Mencari Cinta” (Looking for Love) and am trying very hard to not crack up like loon. For one thing, some of the guys supposedly on the show to find themselves a wife are pinging my often faulty gaydar like crazy. They might just be some metrosexuals gone overboard but man I know some drag queens who are butcher than they are. The thing is I wouldn’t be totally out of place if I was put amongst them both physically and personality wise.

I just know that my mum will call me up to mention about the show soon.

Just what I need, another thing that my mum will ask me to try out for if I don’t get married soon. It’s bad enough that she carries my photo around to introduce me to other people as potential a suitors for their eligible daughters every other day. Now I have this to contend with.

I may just be paranoid but I just know that they (my family) are currently cooking up a plot to enroll me into the show next season as they are sitting in front of the TV watching this show.

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