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Malaysian Idol 02-14, Airdate: 28/07/2005 – The Journey So Far

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Tried to do a recap of the show tonight but half way through the first half hour I found myself more engrossed in watching the judges antics that with taking notes about what being said on screen. It was nice to the “nicer part” of Paul Moss on TV rather than the Mr. McCranky Pants we see almost every week this season. Jien was doing a good job moderating the two judges (Roslan didn’t make it to the show it seems).

On the other side of the Quickie set, where they did the show live tonight instead of the normal set since it was being set up for the Spectaculars tomorrow, Cheryl was with the Top 11 contestants. Through out the show, the contestants were given an opportunity to answer some of the caller’s questions or questions posed by Cheryl. Most of the time the answers just boiled down to a love-fest answer that all the contestants were friends and that no one had an upper hand in the competition. Safe, diplomatic but fairly boring answers from the contestants. Compared to the judges side of the room, the chatter from the contestants side felt too bland.

For a call in show, I felt that there were too little questions from the callers and too many questions from the host themselves. I have to admit that I tried to call in to get to ask my questions to both the judges and the contestants but I couldn’t get through so I was expecting more caller questions since the lines seemed so busy. As for the questions that got through, they pretty ok I guess and not really that far off than what I was expecting to turn out during the call in show. Nothing really exciting or unexpected came up in the caller questions.

Some issues of note that I recalled from the questions were the issue of the cutting of Lee Kah Wei from the Top 24 ,which the judges already answered in the forums and judges interviews a few weeks ago, and the decision to select Azam instead of Lisa in the last Wildcards show which they attributed to who would make the viewers more excited to watch in the following weeks and votes. Nothing really controversial came out in their responses and most of it was already yesterday’s news by now.

All and all it was a safe bland show that was peppered by the funny antics of Jien and the judges much more than Cheryl and the contestants.

And no ... I did not forget Jien’s hair watch report tonight.

I’m happy to report that it is looking much better than it has been in the past weeks. The hair had sufficient product to keep it off the forehead and the rest of it looked like he had a fairly decent haircut instead of the bed hair that he had 2 weeks ago.

I’m paranoid now if him or someone from his camp has been reading my blog rants about his hair. I’ve had hits on the blog site from really strange Yahoo searches that include his name in them lately.

Dude, if you’re reading feel free to give me a shout-out on the show!

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