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Malaysian Idol 02-09, Airdate: 10/07/2005 – Workshop #2 Results Show

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Nick’s Pick: Nita, Ejay & Adam

After the usual opening chatter from both Cheryl and Jien, the results show starts off with a recap of last week’s contestants. I actually wished that they did a little bit of work a made up a clip segment of the actual performance like they do for American Idols shows instead of the dress rehearsals clips. For one thing, these dress rehearsal clips that they show with the voting numbers throughout the weekend are hardly flattering to any of the contestants. I guess that no body tell them that the contestants need to give their all even during the dress rehearsals as these clips are the only things that the viewers will see throughout the voting period to remind them who to vote for. This week’s collection of clips were nothing short of horrendous.

Judges Picks:
Roslan’s picks : Nita, Adam, Suria or Azam
Jee’s picks : Adam, Nita, Ash or Suria
Paul’s picks: Adam, Nita, Ejay, Azam or Ash

As usual, Jien and Cheryl went through each contestants to get their comments about last their Friday’s performance. Nothing out of the ordinary/surprising here. Notable highlights are comments from Jerome and Dianne. Jerome admitted that he might have overplay his hand by taking another Maroon 5 song which didn’t allow him to showcase any talent other than copying the original artist. Dianne was just nervous and it seems that she has not recovered from it even on tonight’s show from the looks of things. This was then followed by the usual filler segments while the votes were tallied.

For the results tonight, the contestants are called out in pairs instead of the usual sofa sequence walk through. Before the commercial break, the first pair called out were Jerome and Suria who both didn’t make it through with no surprise. When we came back, all the contestants were at the center of the stage and now we’re told that they each person would have a 50% chance of going through from each pair. First pair was Ejay and Adam which is easy to call as Ejay was the better singer of the pair. I was quite surprised to see the second pair of Ash and Dianne. Knowing that one of them will definitely get through really threw me off since both of them gave a really horrible performance last Friday. The person the votes allowed to go through from this pair was Ash.

Of course this left us with the final pair of a really tall Nita and the shorter Adam. Jien looks very flustered at this point knowing what he knows. This was definitely a surprise pairing as both contestants were pointed out as being the 2 best performers in the last show. Jien did his best Ryan Seacrest impression by the making the same spiel about this is the voter’s fault for voting for popularity instead of supposedly talent. While all this were going on, Adam looked absolutely miserable as he knew that he didn’t have a chance in a head to head race with Nita tonight. His suffering was mercifully cut short when they officially announced that Nita has made it through to the next round.

When asked to comment about the voting outcome, all three of the judges agree that Adam should have been picked to the in the selected 3 instead of Ash. Paul pointed out that it is the nature of the show that does allow for popularity votes instead of talent based votes. Paul did to speak his mind this time instead of being cut off in mid sentence like he was last week. While all this was happening, Adam was inconsolable by the sidelines and Ash, to his credit, looked rightfully devastated after hearing the judges comments. I wonder how many votes separated the two but early exposure in the show clearly helped Ash to get through tonight on the popularity vote. I just only hope that the popular vote contestants do well in the spectaculars to justify the votes given to them.

Final results: Nita, Ejay, Ash
Nick’s prediction success to date : 4/6

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