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Malaysian Idol 02-07, Airdate: 03/07/2005 – Workshop #1 Results Show

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Nick’s Pick : Faizull, Atilia & Lisa

I missed a few minutes of the start of the show but I don’t think that I missed much other than the recap clips for last Friday’s show. For the first workshop predictions, the judges picked them as follows :

Roslan’s picks : Atilia, Faizull, Xerra
Jee’s picks : Atilia, Faizull, Fauzi or Xerra
Paul’s picks: Atilia, Faizull, Lisa or Xerra

Before announcing the results, the contestants were interviewed about their reactions/chances after last Friday’s show. Nothing really memorable came out from these short interviews so I didn’t really bothered to note them down. It was interesting however to hear that Paul was still talking about the importance of having the “package” in order to be successful on Malaysian Idol. While I have to admit that I would agree with him to a point but Atilia put it best that there are professionals out there who can help in the looks department. Talent would be a more important measure for success because it’s either you have it and show it in the Friday shows or you don’t that will separate the winners from the wannabes.

I’ve pretty much called the first 2 contestants to move on to the Spectacular rounds. Both Atilia and Faizull showed great potential and won voters over with their polished and confident performance. Xerra’s selection to move on to the next round definitely is not based on last Friday’s performance as she was nothing less than dismal in her last outing. I will not speculate if her looks/package was the tie-breaker to get her through but instead I would rather think that the potential that she showed in the weeks before was enough to convince voters that she deserves another chance. I would rather that she comes back in the wild card rounds so she can prove herself properly.

I think that Paul Moss also shares this view as he was very animated when asked if he agreed with the voter’s choices. He flat out pointed out that Xerra didn’t do a good enough job to merit a place for the next round this week and that there are better singers who performed better than her who were not chosen. I think that he had more to say but was cut off by Cheryl mid sentence. I don’t think that the hosts ever did something like that before on the show last year. I wonder if this would be some thing that would be happening more often this year.

Final results : Atilia, Faizull, Xerra
Nick’s prediction success : 2/3

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