Wednesday, June 08, 2005

When Good Blog Hacks Go Bad

From what I can find out on the Net, it seems that does not support category tags. Supposedly in order to have your blog entries organized by categories, I have to either use one of the blogging authoring application like WordPress etc or move my blog to Live Journal. Neither options are appealing to me at this point as I’m currently satisfied with what is offering and have no intention to change at the moment.

Would having my previous entries organized into category make them more interesting?
Definitely not.

Would it make the reading experience more enjoyable?
Depends on what you define as enjoyable.

I think that I can safely say that I have been blogging on a range of subjects that are all over the map that having them organized in category might be helpful. If I could do that, people who are only interested about ready my previous film reviews for example could quickly select the posts on that subject instead of having to slog through all the entries of a particular one searching for them.

Of course that would only work if I dutifully categorized each post as I write them.

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