Thursday, June 30, 2005

Job Well Done

We wrapped up the audits 1 day earlier than scheduled today. The auditors were satisfied with all the evidence we provided and with the exception of 2 very minor findings that they highlighted, our team passed the audits with flying colors. I am so relieved that all the hard work paid off.

I decided to celebrate by treating myself to a nice dinner in KLCC. Of course being hopelessly single, I had only a table for one for dinner. Sad innit? Good thing that the food at the restaurant was too die for and really made up for having to enjoy it alone.

On the way home, I stopped at Low Yat Plaza to pick up another DVD season set. I’ve been really looking forward to get this new set to add to my collection. To my dismay when I come back and popped the disk in my DVD player, no pictures come out. Guess thats what I get for buying pirated copies but I have no complains from my previous experience so hopefully this would be just a fluke copy. Seems like that I have to go back and get it exchanged with another copy.

Good thing that I managed to get my boss to approve my day-off tomorrow :)

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