Monday, June 13, 2005

A Glimpse Into a Workday

Kinda of a slow day today at work. Been working hard to prepare the team for an upcoming Sorbane-Oxley audit at the end of the month. One advantage of working for a multinational company is that you get the chance to be audited for one hundred and one different things every other day.

I’m being sarcastic if it doesn’t seem apparent above.

Anyhow ... it is true that one advantage of working at a multinational company is that you get exposed more to the processes that are not necessarily applied in a local company at this time. This year is the second year I have to prepare the team for a SOX audit. In a way it is easier this year as I know what exactly they will be looking at and I have a clearer picture of the current level of preparedness in my organization. There are still things that I’m still not 100% satisfied but we still have 2 weeks get ready.

At least I have one more detail to pad my resume with.

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