Wednesday, August 17, 2005

On The TV Lately

Quite a few hits to my blog site comes from people searching the web for items linked to TV3’s “Mencari Cinta” reality show. I feel a bit guilty that they ended up at my site instead just because I happened to mention the show the first night it aired. I guess that goes to show that there were fans of the show out there looking for more information about it. I have to say that I’m also hooked to watching the series. It’s like watching an accident, you know you shouldn’t linger but you just can’t help yourself wanting to know who crashed and burn. Watching this week’s episode I just had to ask WTH with the show turning into “Survivor” with the tribe mates voting out one of their own.

BTW ... the reason I don’t recap this series is because it’s too easy to get snarky about the contestants that it won’t be much fun to do. That plus I personally know one of the contestants so it just felt strange to snark on them week after week.

Also new on TV today is this year’s Petronas Merdeka Day advertisement. For quite a few years now, Petronas has been spending money for a new promotional advertisement campaign every Merdeka Day. I’ve always found them really fun and very memorable to watch. Like in previous years, this ad showed a slice of live for those living in Malaysia and usually would have the message of the value of our independence. I guess that the message of the ads were that we should look to move forward even when hampered by difficulties that were not of our choosing. Just watching the old man in the ad telling his story growing up as a crippled child and having to cope with his disability just left me with warm and fuzzy feelings inside.

I wonder if Yasmin Ahmad did these ads for Petronas again this year?

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