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Malaysian Idol 02-20, Airdate: 14/08/2005 – Spectaculars #3 Result Show: Don’t You Dare Step Out of The Box!

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Nick’s prediction:

Bottom three: Daniel, Ash & Nita
Out this week: Daniel

I missed the Malaysian Idol Results show on Sunday again this week but unlike last week I managed to catch the repeat on TV3 today.

The show opens with the usual group introductions i.e. horrible eye-gouge worthy group dancing. I guess that this year’s contestants were so boring and forgettable that the show’s producers felt compelled to remind the audience who they were week after week. I hope that the producers would realize that the people who are still watching this show week after week already know them and need not to be reminded of who they are especially by having them shimmy across the stage at the beginning of every show. I wonder why do they torture us with them dancing horribly week after week as if it is not enough that we already have to sit through several horrendous performance every week. I still recall how good the contestants were harmonizing as a group when they performed “Fame” in the first Spectacular show. I rather see them sing more than them dancing as a group.

When asked what they thought about the performances in the Spectacular show last Friday, the judges were fairly uniformed in their disappointments. Roslan chided the contestants for still not giving their fullest concentration and focus when they perform on stage. Jee pointed out at this stage of the competition, the contestants need to put their best performance out and not hold it back for whatever reasons. Paul was clearly disappointed because the performances were not what he had expected from the Top 8 contestants of Malaysian Idol.

Judges predictions:

Roslan: Everyone but Faizull
Jee: Daniel
Paul: Ejay, Xerra & Ash

Jien and Cheryl proceeded to call all the contestant to centerstage and each contestants had their judges comments read back to them one by one. While some of the comments last Friday was spot on, some of them were just plain silly. The most glaring one for me were the comments for Faizull’s performance last Friday. After weeks of telling him to trying something else other than the old school rock that he has been doing week after week, they immediately told him that he should stick to rock songs the first time he does something else. I'm not saying that Faizull doesn’t deserve the harsh comments that were coming his way after his last performance but the judges didn’t do him justice by cutting him off the knees the moment he tries to step out of his comfort box. The same can be applied to some of the other non-frontrunner contestants on the show.

Before the results were announce, the judges were asked who out of the remaining 8 contestants left was the most improved contestants this far. All the judges believed that Farah was the most improved from what they have seen on and off the stage. I was quite disappointed that they did not acknowledge how Ejay had also improved from the bad showing a few weeks ago. I know that I was also harsh to her in my previous write-up but I have to give credit where credit is due and credit was definitely due to her after her successful rebound from the mumbling mess that she was in the 1st Spectacular show to her last performance.

Unfortunately we will not get a chance to see if she can improve herself more in future Spectaculars as Ejay was announced as this week’s rejectee. The host just called her name to step forward, said some encouraging words before clinically telling her that her journey on Malaysian Idol has ended. There were no bottom 3 this week joining her on centerstage to sweat out the announcement with. It was just her and the result that left her out in the cold. I’m not sure if it was the shock of how the results were announced or just things that were happening behind the scenes within the contestants that we don’t get to know but there was a marked lack of tears for tonight’s rejectee unlike the previous 3 people who were out voted.

I wonder why we don’t get to see who were other contestants with the lowest votes this week. Calling out the bottom three has be sort of a tradition for the Idol franchise and I have never heard/seen a result show without one. One possible reason that crossed my mind was that the producers didn’t want to show one of their favorites in the bottom 3 but I would think that they would do so just to get his/her fans to realize the dire situations their idol was in and vote more next week. Whatever the reasons were, I don’t think that they made the right decision by not revealing the other 2 contestants in the bottom 3.

While I don’t really believe that Ejay would have lasted very long in this competition, I had hoped that she would outlast Daniel who truly gave a horrendous performance last week. The way I saw it, Ejay started horrible but then improved in the next 2 Spectaculars while Daniel can only truly claim only one of his Spectacular performance as a clear success. In the end, it boiled down to who had the fans and the voting base to get them through to the next round.

Out this week: Ejay
Nick’s prediction success to date : 7/15


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Anonymous said...

Aiyo - a 7/15 record! But still, it's better than mine - I'm 0-3 this season. I kept predicting Ash :)


Nickxandar said...

While I don't think that Ash has what it takes to be the next Malaysia Idol, I think that we'll be seeing him for awhile because of the popularity vote. He's the MI version of AI-Constantine this year.