Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gremlins In The House

I can’t believe the luck that I had with electronic equipment last weekend.

I had planned to do some vacuuming around the house last weekend. I am so bad at vacuuming and dusting that most of the time there would be dust bunnies the size of elephants lurking around the place. So when the urge to be more domestic hit me, I pulled out the old vacuum cleaner and started to vacuum the carpets. About a few minutes into the vacuuming, I suddenly realized that I could smell rubber burning from somewhere. What I didn’t realize as I ignored the smell of something burning was that black smoke was coming out from my vacuum cleaner.

By the time I finally figured out what was happening, sparks suddenly flew out of the little motor and the next thing I knew my little vacuum cleaner turned into a mini fireball in the middle of my living room. After panicking and screaming like a girlie girl, I collected enough of my wits together to switch off the main power and put out the flames. The carpet got a bit singed but there was no major damage but the vacuum cleaner was a total loss.

After that ordeal, I decided to take it easy and load up the washing machine with my weekly wash while I put in a few rounds of PS2. The machine was trudging along quite nicely when suddenly there was a clanking sound coming from the back of the machine. When I realize that the clanking sound was getting louder, I went to look at what was happening with the machine when the washing machine sort of rumbled and I could swear burped at me before just giving out altogether. I ended up having to send the dripping mess to the nearby laundry place much to the amusement of the lady running the place.

To add salt to the wound, I found out that the watch that I had wore daily for the last 5 years also died on the same day when the vacuum cleaner and washing machine died. It took me a while to figure out that I was looking at the same time three times that morning and yet not notice anything was wrong. This was something that I really didn’t need to happen after all that had happened that morning. The watch was something that I really cherished and I was really upset that it can’t be repaired any more.

I ended up putting a dent in my already limited disposable income by getting myself a new washing machine and watch. That plus some new shirts to replace the ones that were looking very close to threadbare, a new bottle of my favorite perfume and new supply of multivitamins. I guess I over did it with the spending a tad bit this month and I know I’ll be regretting it towards the middle of the month. Given the day that I had, a little retail therapy didn’t hurt to smooth things over.


azmi said...

Awww, Nick ! Sorry to hear about your electronic mishap. A lil retail therapy can do wonders for the soul, I totally agree with you on that !! However, I have to say you better not make that a habit, if you know what I mean ?!! ;-p

azmi | 2¢ said...

OMG dude. Sounds like bad karma day there.

Nak kena mandi bunga lah tu rasa2 nya?


BTW, regarding your watch, are you sure it wasn't just the battery?!

And I hope the retail therapy works wonder too!

Nickxandar said...

Azmi & Azmi (thought I was seeing double for a moment there)

The retail theraphy worked wonders for my soul though not to my pocket book. Have to dig into my emergency slush fund to cover the unplanned purchases this month. Definitely something that I can't do every month unless I land myself a rich sugar daddy.

At my age, I would have to be the righ sugar daddy instead of the other way around.

The watch unfortunately was DOA. The battery still work but the darn watch hands just refused to budge. The shop told me that they don't repair SWATCH watches. I thought that they had lifetime warranty or something. I have to find that out.

azmi | 2¢ said...

Haha.. you're a swatch-freak too? Just like me.. *blushes*

You might wanna go to the official Swatch retail shop (Lot10? Suria KLCC?) and ask them about the warranty thingy.


Nickxandar said...

It was my one, only and favorite IRONY swatch that I had the longest time after coming back from the US. Before that I was a TIMEX freak.

Now I'm back to a preUS fave brand, CASIO. Couldn't effort the TAG that I really wanted :)

I'll check out if they have the official SWATCH shop in KLCC. Thanks for the tip.

azmi | 2¢ said...

No worries mate!

There's a Swatch shop in Lot10 (Ground Floor Level) and another one in Suria KLCC (Concourse Level) for sure. Both are quite closely located to the shopping mall main Information counter.

You might wanna survey if they have one in Sunway Pyramid area too.


Azmi said...

Oooh, there's another Azmi in da house !!

I was into Swatch watches as well not too long ago, my current watch is G-Shock. That goes to show how much I'm still a kid. LOL.

Now, I just can't wait to get my hands on a Guess watch, like the one worn by Brad Pitt. The one with the leather buckle thingy. It's SO cool !!!!

Nickxandar said...

I'm more of a metalic accessories guy myself. Don't really go for leather straps (in more ways than one *hahaa*)