Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hazy Days Are Here Again

Finally was able to finish my review of “The Island” movie that I have been putting off since last week. There are a lot of spoilers information in my review so people who have not seen the movie should avoid reading the piece before watching the movie. I’ve forgotten some of the details of the movie so I don’t think that I did a good job reviewing it this time. I usually try to type out my reviews on the same day I watch the movie but for obvious reasons, I couldn’t do that for this review. Hopefully I did fair justice to the piece.

The haze is starting to get to my nerves. It has been increasingly heavier every day this week and even my clothes have taken on the distinct smell of smoke and ash. I doubly impacted by the haze since I walk to and fro from home to workplace and now I have to do it while breathing God knows what wafting down from across the Straits of Malacca from Sumatera. Bad enough we have to contend with that, we also got idiots in the country adding to the environmental distress by engaging in open burning. I just know that I’m going to get sick from the effects of the haze fairly soon. I’m just thankful that I don’t have a pre existing asthma condition. I just can’t imaging how worse it is for those who do.

BTW ... I’ve missed the MI result show and the TV3 repeat as well but from what I read on like from the other MI blogger sites it seems that AzamBot was finally sent back to the 8TV R&D office for recalibration. He wasn’t the person that I thought would go based on his potential appeal but I guess that Malaysian voters can tolerate bad singing better that overbaked use of cheesy props in the contestant’s performance. Now, if only the producers on MI would just listen to us and cut out the cringe-inducing group dancing that they make the contestants go though the past 2 weeks.


Azmi said...

Yeah, tell me about it !! Imagined my surprise when I woke up the other day, look out the window and see this thick fog engulfing my whole neighbourhood ?! The visibility is REALLY bad.

Made me think of a movie, The Fog or is it The Mist ?! LOL. I've never seen the movie but I've read about it somewhere. It's about how people got lost in the fog. Creepy, ain't it ??

You take care, Nick !

Nickxandar said...

I think you're refering to "The Fog". I think in our case, instead of people dissapearing, we have them doubled over coughing their lungs out when the haze rolls around.

JIMI said...

Nick, I love Farah after Atilia left.

u r referring to House of Sand and Fog ke Azmi?

Jien ngan Paul under gay radar ke?

Keep writing.

azmi said...

no, it's not "House of Sand and Fog". I'm referring to "The Fog", which I think is a B-grade horror movie. ;-p
Was Ben Kingsley in "House of Sand and Fog" ? I never got the chance to watch that movie yet. What it's about, Jimi ?