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Malaysian Idol 02-24, Airdate: 28/08/2005 – Spectaculars #5 Result Show: A Good Run Comes to An End

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Nick’s prediction:

Bottom three: Nita, Farah & Adam
Out this week: Nita

I think I figured out the pattern with Jien’s hair style on Malaysian Idol. It seems that he would have the hair up and off his forehead on the Spectacular shows. On the result show, he would have it down and across the forehead. I don’t really know if there is anything in particular in the choice but as long as it doesn’t start to spelling out words in Morse code then I guess I can count myself lucky. If I thought that it did that, then I really need to get my head checked for obsessing too much about Jien’s hair.

The Top 6 contestants came out on stage to another pointy pose dance off that’s bound to give me nightmares tonight. I have to wonder do people really find these dance introductions really that exciting or interesting that the producers found it necessary to repeat it week after week? I don’t remember watching the contestants on last year’s show going through the same humiliation every result show. They even have a more tasteful way to of introducing the contestants on the American Idol show that could easily work here instead of the horrendous pointy poses.

Jien this week looks like he was wearing something that he stole from Paul Moss’s wardrobe. What’s more hilarious was that Paul wore something that looked like he swiped from Jien’s wardrobe. Did they accidentally got each other’s laundry bag back from the laundry place or was there something else happening backstage that we don’t know about?

As usually the judges were asked to comment about the show last Friday night. Roslan thought that as a whole the contestants were much better than they were when they first started. He thought that Ash did better than he usually did and that Nita always ended up picking the wrong types of song that hurt her in the competition. Jee was worried that up to this point of the competition, the contestants have yet to find their own style and identity in their performance. Paul thought that “Rock Night” last Friday felt more like “Flop Night”.

Judges Predictions:

Roslan : Adam, Nita
Jee: Adam, Nita, Ash
Paul: Nita, Adam

The remaining 6 contestants were then called up to centerstage and split into 2 groups. The first group comprised of Nita, Farah & Adam stood to the right of Jien while the remaining group of Daniel, Ash & Faizull was to the left of Cheryl. When the judges comment were read out, it was clearly apparent that the group of boys to the left of Cheryl were safe tonight which meant that the 3 remaining contestants were in the bottom 3 as I predicted last Friday.

When we came back from the commercial, Farah was sent back to the “Sofa of Survivors” since it was obvious that she had the better performance last Friday compared to the remaining 2 left on stage. When Nita and Adam stood side by side on stage, I got a feeling of deja vu as we have seen this same exact situation before in an earlier Workshops stage of the competition. The moment I saw this, I knew that it would be Adam who will be leaving the show tonight instead of Nita as I had predicted. True enough it was announced moments later that Nita received more votes than Adam and would be continuing in the show.

Adam was at the verge of tears when they showed his exit clip and by the time it came to address the audience, we could just hear the heartbreak in his voice. It was difficult for him go through his final song and there were more than a few points during the singing when his voice failed him. To give him credit, he did sound better as the song progressed but it was unmistakable that he was really disappointed to be cut out now after the good run that he had on the show.

Although I predicted Nita based on her performance before, I felt almost certain that if Nita and Adam were up again against each other, Nita would have the upper hand in the competition. Nita had a better package for Malaysian Idol fans and have proven herself quite the star when she choose a song that suit her well. Adam on the other hand had the better vocals but was fast becoming stagnated in terms of what he was presenting in his performance. He needed to push himself to the next level but he didn’t do that until fairly late in the competition. Nevertheless, Adam should be proud of the good run that he had on the show.

His exit from the show this week broke the ladies losing streak the past few last weeks. I do think that it’s a signal that the guys no longer have the opportunity to coast through from this stage onwards on their popularity alone. Hopefully they would take to heart the judges comment that they really need to choose the correct song that suit their vocals. They also should take Adam’s lesson as well and not stay stagnant with their level of performance if they want to sustain the voter’s support for them.

Out this week: Adam
Nick’s prediction success to date : 8/17

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