Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm Ready For My Close-Up Now, Mr. DeMille

I’ve noticed that I getting a spike on the number of first-time visitors today and when I looked at the visitors statistics I found out that all these new visitors were coming from SultanMuzaffar’s website.

For the uninitiated, SM is a prolific blogger who have been blogging about “Akademi Fantasia”, the other talent search reality show shown weekly on Astro, for quite sometime now. His site must have received several thousands hits per day while the show was on the air and have long been thought of as an influential forum for fans of the show. When the second season of MI started, there were very few bloggers who were writing about the show comparatively to the number of blogs dedicated to AF. Truth be told, I started recapping the second season of “Malaysian Idol” partly because I liked the show a lot during it’s first season and I was also inspired by SM’s blog dedicated to Akademi Fantasia to create somewhere I can vent out my opinions about MI.

There were sufficient difference between the two shows that they did not end up being clones of each other. I don’t have cable at home so I don’t really follow AF but from what little I’ve seen of the show, I don’t think that I could be really impartial if I had to recap it like SM does week after week. Partly because the way that they show everything that was happening to the contestants while they were in seclusion during the show would made it harder for me to be able to present criticism in a purely objective way. Having a host who, although might be suitable for the tone of the show, drives me up the wall every time something innate comes out of his mouth doesn’t really endear me to the show. Regardless how I feel about the show, I have to acknowledge that it has it’s hordes of fans and for this year at least have more fans than MI if truth be said.

In any way, being mentioned/linked from SM’s website meant that I got slew of new visitors to my rant site. Hopefully they like what they see and not too turned off by the all too common tendency to get overly dramatic in my writings. I guess that it’s part of the territory of being a card carrying drama queen.

For SM
Thank you for the link on your website. You’ve been an inspiration.

For those visiting for the first time
Thank you for the visit. Hopefully what you find here has been interesting and I look forward for your next visit.

This is me.
This is who I am.
This is my story.


azmi said...

Good for ya, Nick !! It is always good to know that your "rants and raves" are heard. Hehe!! Kinda reminded me back when I first discovered your blog. I have always admired your style of writing. As a Malay guy whose first language is Bahasa Malaysia(even though I'm not that good at it, got a 5 for SPM ;-p) seeing another Malay guy like you have such an amazing grasp of the English language is really inspiring. And I do have to say that, my level of English competency is just enough for me to get by.

So, how are ya doin' ? Glad to see you back to being your old cheery self again.

p/s: Found that gay confidant to sweep you off your feet yet ?!!! ;-)

Nickxandar said...

I've always been more expressive in English rather than in BM. Trying to be witty in BM is a lot tougher to do without sounding to clinical.

I've always been the emotional rubber ball always bouncing back quickly from anything. One minute I'll be so down and the next I could just be soaring on a high cloud. People might say that it sounds like a bipolar personality but maybe I'm just wired wacky that way.

Nope ... haven't found the confidante (gay or otherwise) to sweep me off my feet to the stirings of "Say A Little Prayer For Me" yet :)

Anonymous said...

For your info..there's not cable TV in Malaysia / Whatt we have is satellite TV ...more advance I suppose...too bad you don't get to see ASTRO money yessss.....Just like to say that without seeing AF yourself or by just reading what SM have to say ..don't think that u in the position to say anything 'bout AF either good or bad.

Nickxandar said...

Thank you for stating the obvious, Anonymous.

Even without having Astro at home, I could hardly escape the popularity and ever presence of the show in both the public places or at my friends/parents house who do have Astro. Rest assured that I would never write about something without at least a passing familiarity with the subject matter.

Just because I do not watch the show religiously doesn't mean that I don't have an opinion of what little I've seen ;-p

Anonymous said...

that's the problem with most people ..they know so little but talk so big the end talk about nothing best ..they no talk at all ...

But i think even without ASTRO still get to see AF on the NET ..just subcribe RM9.00 only...NOT much really ...unless you only connected from the office.

afik_blue said...

<< dak ni tk reti english. so nick, taip dlm BM pun leh kan? hehehe... time kasih linkkan blog afik kat sini. nanti fik linkkan your blog as well ok.

Nickxandar said...

Afik ... tak kisah kalau nak komen dalam Bahasa Malaysia ... kita kan orang Malaysia :)