Thursday, August 21, 2003

Meanwhile At The Office

It’s strange the way I would always seem to get extra work to do at the office just before I take a day off. Today was no different. Just as I was about to leave for the day, my boss came in and asked me to complete a super urgent request that seems cannot wait until I come back. Of course this meant that I had to stay back another 2 hours in the office to complete it. To top it off, I have a conference call in about 20 minutes from now that I’m required to attend. All this just before I take 1 day off from work tomorrow! Sometimes I wonder if all of this is really worth the effort but then I remember that I still need to draw a paycheck at the end of each month so I guess I have to just bite the bullet and pay my dues.

I noticed that they finally completed the billboard commemorating the 50th anniversary of Petaling Jaya as I pass by the overhead bridge leading into Sunway today. It’s hard to believe that the place that I live now was just a small sleepy community way back in the 50’s. I hope that they would have some sort of photo exhibition of how PJ looked back then as part of the celebrations. It would be nice to be able to see how the area looked like all those years ago compared to how it does now. Of course, it is also scary to think that I have been alive for about 30 of those 50 years!

Today’s journal entry will be a short one since I still need to prepare for my conference call. I guess I’ll have more to write about tomorrow since I don’t have to come into the office.

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