Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Taking Time to Smell The Roses

I woke up today to a truly beautiful morning. It has been a while since I last notice how beautiful the blue sky can be that I was simply awestruck looking up to the clear skies today. It was one of those days that you loath to be kept indoors cooped up in an office. The whole day was sunny and bright that I couldn’t help but wished that I was able to take the day off to just enjoy it.

Sometimes the pace of life that I live today seems too overwhelmingly complicated that I find myself ignoring the true beauty of my surroundings. We all have sacrificed a lot to continuously be trapped in this rat race in our pursuit of success. One of the earliest victims in this crime is the lost of our sense of wonder and appreciation of the beauty that is evident in nature. In the literal sense, we no longer notice how bright the sun is shining or how blue the sky is. It is a pity actually to not carry that sense of wonderment as we journey on this path that we have chosen for ourselves.

As the today grew longer, I began to notice myself taking the time to look at my surroundings. For the first time in many months, I began to notice things that escaped my previous observations even at the places that I spent some time in before. I became aware of the new bird’s nest near the place that I take my cigarette break that I never noticed before. I finally noticed that there are actually some flowers blooming near my office and that the fish in the office aquarium is actually changing colors. I’m astounded by the simple details that I’m missed before as I went on my daily routine that now fills me with such wonder and enjoyment.

As the day came to an end, I was rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunset that I’ve seen from the balcony of my apartment. This day might not ever repeat itself but for a day, I had the opportuinity to allow myself to take time to enjoy it to the fullest. It its own little way, I was able to be rejuvenated by the simple act of appreciating what a beautiful day today was. I was lucky to be able to recognize the opportunity for what it was and profit from it. If I was only obsessed with the pursuit of the almighty dollar, I could have easily ignored this day and not notice its passing. Fortunately I didn’t and I am a bit richer from the experience today.

I hope that I would be lucky enough to notice days like today in the future. It is always the quite moments in life that end up having the most meaning of all. We all should take time once in a while to sit back and literally smell the roses.

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