Thursday, February 01, 2007

Manila Trip '07 - Predeparture notes

After months of planning, I’m just about 12 hours from getting on that Air Asia flight bound to Manila. I have to admit that I’m still having butterflies in my stomach about the trip even though I must have planned this trip down to the last detail. I always get worked up and anxious about going on a trip especially when it involves getting on an airplane. I used to be mildly scared of flying but I believe that I have conquered that fear since then but that still doesn’t stop me from being squirrelly until I board the plane.

Spent the whole morning today trying to finish up the last minute chores that I need to get done before my trip. Since I need to get to the LCCT at an ungodly hour in the morning tomorrow, I’m planning to overnight somewhere in KL Sentral area so I don’t need to bother with trying to get a taxi at 4 am in the morning. I don’t really know where I will end up at tonight but hopefully I can find somewhere decent to get some shut eye before getting the Air Asia Skybus to LCCT at 4am. I wonder if I could be in for an interesting time tonight.

I hope to keep a travel journal for this trip and will be posting them up once I come back from Manila unless there is some where I can get internet access at the hotel. I’ve even borrowed my mum’s camera for the trip even though I know next to nothing about taking good pictures and I absolutely hate taking pictures of myself. The way I see it, this trip to Manila might be a once in a lifetime trip so I’ll probably kick myself if I do not take at least a few pictures to document the occasion regardless of my reluctance of being anywhere near a working camera.

Some practice pictures taken at home as I started to pack for the trip.

5 changes of clothes (including the little black shirt that I'm still too intimidated to wear)

Typical Malaysian traveller's must pack - comfort food from home

Strangely the Phillippines Peso and US Dollars are the same size! Need to be careful that I give out the correct bills.

For now, my travel plans looks as follows:

Day 1
Departure from LCCT KL at 7:20am
Arrival at Clark Airport at 11.15 am then bus it into Manila metro.
Free and easy afternoon - Robinson Shopping Mall
Dinner in Mabini area.
Pub crawl
- East Asia - a good show place
- Cowboy Grill - cheap local live band place

Day 2
Morning – Free and easy
Afternoon - visit Globo de Oro Mosque in Quiapo
Glorietta Shopping Mall in Makati
Peninsula Hotel Lobby for the halo-halo (suppose to be similar to local ABC)
Nite Pub crawl - Starshows

Day 3
Morning – Walkabout through Roxas Blvd, Manila Bay
Afternoon - Rizal Park, Intramuros and visit some of the old churches
Nite Pub crawl – somewhere in Malate area

Day 4
Departure from Clark Airport 11:45am
Arrival at LCCT KL at 15:45pm

It’s 2 hours and counting down before I officially start the trip with my overnight adventure in KL Sentral. Lets just say that I’m stoked !

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mjiahua said...

enjoy your trip! may you have a wnderful time in manila...