Monday, February 05, 2007

Manila Trip '07 - Back Safely, Knackered and Satisfied

(Philippines flag at Manila Bay)

Reach home safely at 6pm today after my adventures in Manila for the past 4 days. As usually, I still have quite a few items to catch up before I can really sit down to write about my experiences on the trip. I’ve have all my notes that I have diligently taken during the trip and also have about 220 odd pictures to sort through so I can select which ones will go on to the blog.

All in all it was an exciting trip because I got to do what I was personally interested in instead of just tagging along for someone else’s idea of fun. It was also an eye opening trip on how much the two countries, Malaysia and Philippines, are different from each other. I’ve also discovered that I seemed to like taking photos of the places and people around me as long as I’m not in them. Being able to hide behind the lens of a camera during the trip was strangely liberating.

Till I get all my stuff together and sit down to write down my travelogue of Manila, below is a list of some of the highlights of my time there. Take it as a teaser for those who might want to come back here for a return visit.

Trip Highlights :
- Losing my mobile phone the moment I arrived in Manila.
- Personally seeing Mabini St. money changers con game on unsuspecting tourists.
- The quest for halal food in Metro Manila
- Getting myself lost in Manila and totally loving every moment of it.
- “You want girl, sir? I have girl, boy and boy-girl. Cheap. Can fuck long time”
- Things that we take for granted in Malaysia that they wish they had in Manila
- Pasalubong shopping or how to shop without breaking the bank
- Stripper acrobatics – could someone explain to me why people think that this is sexy?
- My walk through history
- An audience with Dr. Jose Rizal
- Head banging time at Cowboy Grill and Bar
- The journey back

(Walk in my steps in future blog entires)


mjiahua said...

welkome home...and what a pity that you lost your handphone. good thing that you were back safe and sound.

Nickxandar said...

Thanks for visiting.

Yeah ... losing the phone sucks especially when I lost all my contact info with it. I'm taking it as a sign to upgrade my phone :)

mjiahua said...

hhhmmm...maybe iPhone? waiting iPhone to the UK shore...