Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Spent the day yesterday on getting the replacement for my lost SIM card and mobile phone. First thing that I had to do was to get to a Celcom branch to get my SIM card replacement. The one that I went to the last time I lost my phone was in Shah Alam but I wasn’t inclined to go all the way there this time around. I also needed to get a new mobile phone so the Celcom branch near KLCC made more sense to go to. The problem was that I had no idea where it actually was. Since I had no choice but to get the replacement today, I barreled ahead with the plan hoping that it wouldn’t be too hard to the Celcom branch.

I first thought that I should be able to see a Celcom sign on one of the buildings near KLCC. It turned out that the building that I thought was the Celcom building was actually the Maxis building. Since I was told that there was a Celcom branch office within walking distance, I decided to take a walk around the block hoping that I find it soon. Half and hour later, I did manage to find it but not before walking the around the block. Good thing that the SIM card replacement process was quick and painless. With that done, I had to get a new phone.

I had planned to not spend too much on the phone since I only used my previous phone for slightly more than 2 year. Since I had a prior appointment in KL Sentral yesterday, I had to forgo a trip to the mobile shop I usually go to in Low Yat Plaza and get my phone in KL Sentral instead. They didn’t have my previous phone model in stock so the plan replacing like for like went out the window. They did have the next version of the lost phone and it was within my price range. It was then when I saw another alternative.

It was just sitting there, looking pretty and beckoning me to come closer. The curvy lines fitted my palm just right like it was built just for me. The sexy screen slides up smoothly with just a flick of my thumb, ready for action in full 176 x 220 mm, 1.9” 262K colors TFT panel. It slides back in just as effortlessly with just a slight nudge of the screen notch downwards. It feels comfortably weighted in my palm that just holding it tells you that it was solidly built. If there was only one word that can be used to describe the phone’s appearance then the that word would surely be sexy.

The 2MP built-in camera was not only easy to use but with 8x zoom, lighting controls and exposure controls, it feels like a half way decent digital camera. While it will not replace a proper digital camera, it seems to work well in a pinch. With removable micro SD slot storage, more pictures and videos can be stored on the phone easily and downloaded to a computer when needed. If only the phone had some sort of built in flash then it could be complete.

My new gadget baby, phone and 512MB microSD card, cost me RM 1100 to bring back home with me. It was slightly more than what I had planned to spend on my lost phone replacement but the MotorRIZR Z3 was too sexy to pass up. I fully intend to get better acquainted with my new toy in the days ahead.

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