Tuesday, February 13, 2007

In An Ideal World

In an ideal world …

I would be getting a text message from my Valentine first thing in the morning to remind me how much I am loved and that we will be meeting up for dinner after work. As I start my working day, I would be surprised to find a short but sweet handwritten post-it note stuck on my laptop screen by my Valentine the night before while I was not looking. The note will be on my mind the whole day until about lunch time when I would get another surprise delivery from my Valentine. A box of homemade low fat brownies, because my Valentine knows how much I’m struggling to lose weight, would be delivered by courier with the note to remind me to keep some of the brownies to be shared later.

As the end of the working day comes nearer, I would try to convince my boss that I would need to leave the office early but of course I would not be telling him why. After a full days work, I would definitely need to freshen up before the big dinner date. Taking extra care to make sure that I put on my Valentine’s favorite fragrance on me, I would then make my way to KLCC where I was suppose to meet my Valentine. Since I would not know where exactly we were going to have dinner, I would need to call up my Valentine for the location as soon as I reach the place. In keeping with the frivolous mood, my Valentine would lead me on a treasure hunt to find the location where we were suppose to meet for dinner. Every stop of the treasure hunt would have some sort of reminder why I’m so crazy about my Valentine.

When I finally figure out the location for our dinner date, I would find my Valentine already waiting there for me. We wouldn’t have our dinner at one of those fancy places that offer a pre packaged Valentine Day dinner since we both agree that those deals are highly overrated and over priced. We would rather have our romantic dinner at a place that servers the same thing they usually do and not make a big fuss about Valentine’s Day. We would then each order a dish for the other since we know very well what the other person like. We would then just enjoy the time spent together in a quiet dinner just for the two of us. We would occasionally pick up some bits of food from each other’s plate since we don’t mind doing that to each other. Dinner would definitely be an intimate and leisurely affair for us as we savor each morsel of food and enjoy each other’s company.

After dinner, we would take a short walk through the KLCC park before ending somewhere close to the water either at the fountains or the wading pool. We would then share the remaining pieces of the low fat brownies for desserts while our bare feet soak in what is hopefully clean – ish water. Since public displays of affection might not be too much appreciated by the others around us, we would still just sit close enough to pickup the fragrant scents from each other’s body as they waft and mingle in the warm night air. Our fingertips would just meet on the ground between us but it was just enough for the sparks within us to jump the gap. As we sit in the deepening night, we would just talk about our day and how much we were grateful that we had each other to end the day with.

At the end of the night, as we drive back to the apartment, my Valentine and I would make sure that we had our favorite CD playing in the disk player. As we enjoy the moment, I would look to my side at my Valentine and send my thanks heavenward for giving me this person to share the moment with. We would end the night watching a sappy romantic comedy film like “Sleepless in Seattle” or “Notting Hill” for the god knows how many time. When not trying to stay tear-free during the film, my Valentine and I would jokingly argue which one of us was more Julia or Meg than the other. As the movie comes to it’s end, my Valentine and I would be comfy in each other’s arms. It would be the only place that I wanted to be since we fitted each other so well. Sex wouldn’t even cross our minds since we both would be content to cuddle with each other till we need to wake up the next morning for a fresh new day.

In an ideal world, my Valentine’s Day would be something to look forward for.

Since I don’t live in an ideal world, I can only look forward to cracking open a bottle of Malta in front of the TV alone until I can’t keep my eyes open any more on Valentine’s Day. I have to try and convince myself that I am not unwanted and unworthy to have a Valentine’s Day fantasy come true.



mjiahua :: tyne&wear said...

happy sweet valentine to you...even sometimes we just dream of it, but is better to have a dream than never. happy valentine!

p.s.: just listen to anita baker's my funny valentine



you'll find your Valentine. Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)

Nickxandar said...

Thanks for the wishes :)

mjiahua ... I'm kind of partial to the Matt Damon version of "My Funny Valentine" from his Ripley movie myself.

Currently listening to Ella Fiizgerald's Best of Ballads Songbooks CD to make this Vantine's Day pass much quicker.