Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Things To Do in 2008

I stopped making up a list of new year resolutions quite some time back as I never seem to be able to stick to them before. So instead of resolutions, I have goals that I want to achieve instead. I guess if I wanted to be technical, they can mean the same thing but somehow goals implies that there is an end to look forward to instead of just wanting to achieve that end as implied by making resolutions. Goals are more concrete for me to strive for so that has been what I’ve done these past years. I guess that I jinxed myself anytime I use resolutions instead.

So here’s my list of goals that I want to accomplish in 2008 which by the way is in no particular order. One of the things that I’ve learned in goal setting is that goals have to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time related). Hopefully my goals for 2008 will be as such.

Travel to at least 2 different destinations

I want to repeat the excitement that I felt when I travel to another place that I have never been before. For this year, I’m targeting to travel to at least 1 overseas locale and 1 local destination. After enjoying myself immensely at Fort Santiago, Manila last year, I definitely am looking forward to go to somewhere with a lot of history and character. Indonesia looks like a likely candidate for me this year since it’s close, probably affordable for me and I wouldn’t really run into too much of a problem when it comes to finding something halal to eat. Bali, Lombok, Padang, Yogyakarta and Riau are on my list of possible destinations to go to.

After the successful trip to Perhentian Island, I would definitely want to go back and experience island life. It might not be to the Perhentians again though as there are other islands that I have not been to yet. Tioman and Pangkor would probably be in my consideration but I have to say that on top of my list to go to currently would be to Sipadan in Sabah. The thought of backpacking and roughing it for a while there does have some appeal for me since it’s not something that I would be used to being a city boy born and bred. Since I don’t swim (without a life vest) or dive, I wonder if there would be something else to do there?

Update my wardrobe

I am somewhat of a minor clothes horse with a fatally lack of any sort of fashion sense. That combination added to the amount of weight that I have lost the past 2 years has resulted in a whole boatload of clothes that do not fit me anymore and/or clothes that were not meant to be seen by human eyes in broad daylight. I would definitely have to sort out my closet for things that still usable and give the rest up for charity regardless how sentimentally attached I am to them. At least that would help me reduce the amount of closet space that I need.

Once I have the space, I would definitely be out for a new wardrobe. I’m looking forward to trade my store bought work clothes for ones that I get tailored by my usual tailor. I always loved wearing tailored clothes but have not done it for some time due to weight fluctuations. That would change this year as well as all the baggy T-shirts that I have been buying these past years. Not that I have bulging muscles to show off not but at least I want to get better fitting T-Shirts that I can be comfortable in instead of wearing those that look like sails on a yacht on a breezy day.

Be more physically active

On top of the gymming that I’m currently doing, I would also like to try other types of physical activities to see if I would like them. I’ve turned down an friend’s invitation to go hiking with a group of friends twice last year because I was not sure if I could do it. That and the fact that I had to wake up very freaking early in the morning to do it which for someone like me is something that I have to factor in. I’ve promised myself that the next time he invites me, I would actually go through it. How would I know if I would not like it if I did not at least try it once? The worse that can happen is that I get a good sweat while huffing and puffing half to death in the secondary growth jungle swearing at myself for doing it at an ungodly early hour.

I just hope that the person who invited me before (yes you … *waves*) has not swore off inviting me again by now.

I’m also planning to pick up a sport on top of my gym time. I am absolutely rubbish at any sport involving balls so it would be something that is outside my comfort zone. In line with my continued goal of breaking away from my comfort zone and try new things, I am thinking of picking up futsal this year. My ex-secondary school friends already have a monthly futsal thing happening so I might check that out since they play quite close to where I live. They are always asking for more players from our batch for the yearly inter batch competition so I guess even someone who is “kaki bangku” (roughly translated – sucks royally at football) like me would be welcomed.

Enhance my gym experience

To date I have been more focusing on doing solitary exercises while I’m at the gym. Other than the sessions with my PT, I would normally be going through my routines alone for both my cardio and weight stack training. Since a lot of the class that I see organized at my gym are already included in the monthly fees that I am currently paying, I’ve decided to try to attend at least one this year. After talking to the gym staff and my PT, I considering between attending the spinning classes or the bodypump classes. While the spinning classes seemed to be an easier transition for me considering I’m already doing all of my cardio on a stationary bike, I have to admit that the bodypump class looked more interesting for me.

I’m also looking forward to start working with more free weights in 2008. I’ve always shied away from them since I get easily intimidated by folks how usually congregate in the free weights area at my gym. Towards the end of my last PT sessions, my PT has be slowly moving me away from the weight stack machines to routines that I have to use free weights. I’ve discovered quickly then that most of the people there are either focused on their own workout or just there to pose around and look intimidating. As long as I don’t get into their way, I’m would be just fine doing my own thing. I’ve also made some friends at the gym how would be able to help spot me which I didn't have before and was another reason why I don’t use the free weight area as much as I should have. I hope that by doing more free weights this year, I would be able to achieve the fitness goals that I have set for myself.

Get my drivers license

It’s about freaking time that I did! I’ve already paid the lessons in full ages ago and they did guarantee that I will be able to get a license by the end of their program no matter how many times I have to repeat it. I wonder if I would be one of the stories that they would use when they talk about the number of time someone had to take their lessons before he passed his driving license.

Why is it taking ages for me to get one? Simply put I worse than an old half blind old person when put behind the wheel of a car. I get panic attacks when I see a car coming up too close to my learner car and I start forgetting all that the instructors tell me. I hate being in a situation when I don’t have full control and having to trust the other person on the road to take care of themselves by driving carefully.

Nevertheless this is something that I need to get done with this year.


famil said...

the last point... same target :p

Nickxandar said...

Hehee ... at least you didn't wait until you're almost 35 to do it :p

Siapa dapat lesen and kereta dulu has to drive the other around, amacam? Deal? ... kekekeh

famil said...

hi hikkk.. deal!

Beruang Madu said...

Hi Nick, just to inform u that my new blog is

and no longer tyro55. Mulai dari sekarang blog yg aktif yg 88 tulah... blog lama akan ditutup sebaik baik saja proses pemindahan data selesai.. tengkiu.

Amazonman said...

Dear, kalau nak gi Sipadan, kenalah belajar Scubadiving dulu.... otherwise go there cannot see anything. Snorkelling kat sana potong stim. Cuma boleh nampak bubbles u sahaja.Semua benda under the sea dalam dalam.

Nickxandar said...

HoneyBear ...

Thanks for the new link. Dah update dah.

Amazonman ...

We'll chat more about scuba diving next time I see you.

Always dreamed about doing it but the then aquaphobia kicks in. Plus the fact that I can't swim ... still have to find somewhere that offer adult classes for swimming.