Wednesday, January 30, 2008

InBody Check Progress - Jan '08

I actually did my monthly InBody check a few weeks back before starting on my current PT program but didn’t get a chance to really look at it till today. This month’s results would be used to compare how much I have progressed from the same time period last year and to set the new baseline for this year as I go through my program.

Looking at the numbers, I still have room for improvement but I will not let them detract from the accomplishment that I have been able to achieve in the past 12 months.

Thanks to a combination of dieting, exercise at home and gymming, I was able to shed a few more kilograms of weight. While it was not as much as my previous record of shedding close to 10 kg a year achieved in 2006, I’m not too disappointed by it as total weight is a relatively subjective measure for overall fitness/wellness. Moving ahead, I will be focusing more on the body fat and muscle mass percentages which bears a more relevant measurement that I need. For 2008, I’m setting a weight goal to hover around 72kgs which I don’t mind exceeding as long as the body fat% continue to decrease.

Both body fat and muscle mass percentages are on track given that I was mostly doing light exercises before I started going to the gym in September last year. I hope to see better numbers in the following months as I go through my current PT plan. I looking forward to see an increase in muscle mass at least given that my current program has some emphasis on muscle/definition building.

My fitness journey is still continuing and I’ll be putting up my InBody check results on site as soon as I get them.


Chen said...

hi! u're making great progress! keep it up. for tips on how to lose 10 kilos in 1 week (wow!), u can consult awie from

Nickxandar said...

Chen ...

You left quite a few comments in the older entries so please pardon me if I just reply to them in this one :p

Thanks for the visit. Saw you link from TT's and Dr. Syah's blog actually and decided to add it to my daily read ... since you're so good at updating your blog .. bwahaha.

10 kilos in 1 week sounds a bit too extreme even if it's all water ... I'm more of the old school of thought in regards to fitness that there are no shortcuts for lasting change. Total weight is not something that worries me so much, it's the fat mass % that I have my eye on.

10% fat mass before one gets a 6-pack? Oh my ...

Chen said...

10% fat mass to get a six pack, yup that's what my personal trainer said.

the 10 kilos a week thingie is me and shah making sarcastic remarks at awie. we know it is not possible or healthy do lose such a drastic amount of weight in such a short time.