Thursday, January 31, 2008

Workout Journal – 2008 Personal Training Program Day 9

Program Day 9 (muscle group: Back and Triceps – duration 1.5 hrs)

Warm up – Stretching (10 minutes)

Assisted Chin Up (reps - 15/15/15, weight – 25% of body weight)
Lat Pulldown (reps - 12/10/10, weight – 65/80/95 lbs)
Low Row (reps - 12/10/10, weight – 25/30/35 lbs)
Upper Back (reps - 12/12/12, weight – 30/30/30 lbs)
Single Arm Upper Back (reps – 5/5/5 per arm, weight – 30/30/30 lbs)
Iso-Lateral DY Row (reps - 15/15/15, weight – 25 lbs)
Single Arm Iso-Lateral DY Row (reps – 5/5/5 per arm, weight – 25 lbs)

Triceps Pushdown (reps – 12/10/10, weight – 30/32.5/32.5 lbs)
Barbell Close Grip (reps - 15/15/15, weight - 20 lbs)
Seated Dips - Bench (reps – 15/15/15, weight – body weight)

Cool down
Cardio on stationary bike (10 minutes, 60 kcal target burn)


I have completed the first 3 cycles of the program and will be starting on a new cycle variation next week. It would be basically the same type of exercises but instead of doing 3 sets of each, my PT will be adding an extra set to push me further in our program. I’m looking forward to the routine change but have to admit that I’m a bit intimidated by the prospect. Still I will not let my fears get the better of me (for fear is the mind-killer – Dune) and instead take it as another challenge to overcome next week.

Still having some problems with my form when doing pushups for both chest and triceps exercises so I don’t think that I’m getting all that I could out of that exercise. Talked to my PT about it and though he agreed that I could work on improving my form, he was not about to let me off the hook as far as pushups are concerned. They will stay in the program until I can develop the correct form for it. Well .. a guy got to do what a guy got to do then.


Chen said...

is ur lost 3 collection the real thing, or you know, the RM6 a piece one?

just curious!

Nickxandar said...

I bought the original DVD set from

For some shows I prefer buying original printing of their DVDs to support them.