Tuesday, January 13, 2004

All-Star Survivor is Coming

I just heard that they have announced the contestants for the all-star Survivor edition for season 8 debuting this coming Feb 1st. They will have four from Survivor 1- Pulau Tiga, five from Survivor 2 – Australian Outback, three from Survivor 3 - Africa, two from Survivor 4 – Marquesas, Survivor 5 - one from Thailand, two from Survivor 6 – The Amazon and one from Survivor 7 – Pearl Island.

The list of contestant as listed at CBS.com and the thing that I remember most about them when they were first on the show:

1.Alicia (Australian Outback) – The infamous Miss Finger-Waving of the Australian season.

2.Amber (Australian Outback) – Try as I might, I can’t remember a single outstanding thing that she did on her season.

3.Colby (Australian Outback) – Hmm... this I certainly still remember and have to say is my early pick to go all the way if not just because I want to see him shirtless week after week.

4.Ethan (Africa) – The soccer playing Moppet who conquered Africa without losing too much of his soul in the process.

5.Jenna L (Pulau Tiga) – Nothing stands out in my mind for now for this contestant.

6.Jenna M (Amazon) – Getting naked for peanut butter in front of a global audience. It must be really premium peanut butter.

7.Jerri (Australian Outback) – She has the distinction of being the Queen B*tch for being the most manipulative of all the female Survivor contestants to date.

8.Kathy (Marquesas) – I have no recollection of her time on the show. I know she did something important to last that long in Marquesas but it escapes me for the moment.

9.Lex (Africa) – Scary guy with scary tattoos with the scary eyes scaring half of Africa every time he stares at you.

10.Richard (Pulau Tiga) – 1st sole Survivor of the franchise and I have to say the idea of him going naked again on TV scares the heck out of me.

11.Rob C. (Amazon) – Shares the title of the “Best Survivor Player Who Didn’t Win” with Rupert. He played the game really well but ran out of luck towards the end.

12.Rob M. (Marquesas) – Boston Rob... nice on the eyes but dumb as rocks.

13.Rudy (Pulau Tiga) – The oldest contestant of them all and a crotchety favorite of mine among all the older Survivors.

14.Rupert (Pearl Island) – Hagrid look-alike who was an audience favorite early on his season but quickly became more tiresome as the season progressed.

15.Shii Ann (Thailand) – The “She-Devil” of Thailand. I will never forget the chicken-eating incident that grossed out her tribemates. I guess that the Asian thing of being able to eat almost every part of a chicken is hard to swallow for some.

16.Susan (Pulau Tiga) – The best jury question/statement every. She really let it rip and she will always be remembered for it. No one ever came close since.

17.Tina (Australian Outback) – The sweet soccer mom who won the million dollars in the second season of Survivor. I still think that she and Colby are still my favorite final two Survivors who went to the finals.

18.Tom (Africa) – His exposed butt-crack with that feather sticking out of it in one of the challenges on his season still gives me nightmares.

It would be interesting to see if old alliance and ties from their old seasons will resurface again in this new season. I have to say that the contestant selected for this all-star edition of this popular reality show seems to be well balanced in terms of popularity and entertainment factors. It would be interesting to see how this turns out come 1st Feb. For the time being, I’ll be rooting for my two all-time favorite Survivors, Colby and Tina.

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