Monday, March 31, 2008

InBody Check Progress – March '08

I’ve gained weight this month (shoot!) but on the upside it seems that the weight increase is due to the increase in my overall lean body mass (yay!). It this point I’m not so worried about gaining overall weight as long as I know that it’s healthy weight (lean/muscle mass) instead of fat mass.

Having said that, the muscle mass increase seemed to be a little bit on the low side compared to what I was expecting having going through the new PT program. I guess I should try to find out what would be the expected gains baseline that I can use to compare my progress for this. If I look at the month to month increase then there is definitely improvements after following the new PT plan since I gained 0.8kgs for muscle mass compared to 0.1kgs in the Jan-Feb timeframe when I just started on the PT program.

Fat mass loss seems to be stagnant this month (boo!) but percentage wise it is still on the right downward track. Still a ways to go before I hit my 18% fat percentage for this year though. I definitely could lose more by doing more cardio but my PT advised me to cut down on my cardio to reduce the risk of reducing the gains I made with muscle mass total. Guess I just have to watch my fat intake more closely this coming months.

I still have about a month’s worth of PT sessions left which I would be using mainly to correct any lingering form mistakes so that by the time I will be doing them myself, I would be able to fully gain from what I learned from my PT. Taking my PT’s advice, I’m cutting down my cardio sessions down to a max of 2 x 40-minute spinning (RPM) sessions a week and 3 x 10 minute workout warm-ups on the cross trainer. Those sessions should be sufficient to fulfill my cardio needs for the moment.

The journey continues.

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