Thursday, March 13, 2008

Workout Journal – 2008 Personal Training Program Day 16

Program Day 16 (muscle group: Back and Triceps – duration 1 hr excluding warm up)

Warm up
Cross Trainer (10 minutes, 80 kcal target burn)

Assisted Chin Up (reps - 15/15/15, weight – 33% of body weight)
Isolinear Front Lateral Pull (reps – 12/12/12, weight – 45/45/45 lbs)
Upper Back (reps – 15/15/15, weight – 35/35/35 lbs)
Low Row (reps - 12/12/12, weight – 45/45/45 lbs)

Barbell Close Grip (reps – 15/15/15, weight – 20/20/20 lbs)
Seated Dips - Bench (reps – 15/15/15, weight – body weight)
Triceps Pushdown (reps – 15/12/12/10, weight – 30/40/50/60 lbs)

Cool down


Chen said...

i haven't been to the gym for past 3 weeks since my asthma started acting up again...

Nickxandar said...

Ouch. Hope you get well soon.

Chen said...

how do u remember the exact weight and number of reps u did at the gym?
do u bring a small notepad to jot down as u do?

Nickxandar said...

Chen ...

I'm currently working with a PT so we have a book that we jot down all the exercises, weights and reps info.

Having a small notepad with you when you train would definitely help. You should keep track of what and how much you did so it will be easier to measure progress.

Chen said...

oh dear. you know me, too lazy to do all the jottings...