Monday, March 10, 2008

Breath And Reflect

It was truly a political tsunami.

The bloodiest general election this country has seen since independence has left casualties in it’s wake. Long standing political figures suddenly found their fortunes sour in the blink of an eye. Sure bets turned out to be anything but. In the race to recapture one, four have been lost in the wayside and the one still prove to be elusive.

Uncertainties abound. Will campaign promises made be fulfill in the coming term? Will there be any major changes that will impact the individual person on the street? Will there be any impact on how outsiders view our country’s recent political development? Will it impact the markets and foreign exchanges?

In the aftermath of great upheavals, it is normal to find oneself in a state of daze and confusion. In this case, it is no different. We have seen how the people have exercise their right as citizens to vote for change in how our country is being administered. Now we are looking for what will happen next.

To the victors goes the spoils of victory but also the responsibility to make right what has been fought for all these years. The sentiment that voters want to vote for change will only go so far if the status quo is maintained. Voters will be expecting to see the plans for change and measurable milestones to look forward to.

To the losers goes the responsibility to review and reflect on the bloody defeat. Arrogance, complacency and hubris have conspired to set the stage for the fall from grace. This time will be best spent to recoup losses, reconsolidate and reassess where things went wrong and what is needed to rebuild the tattered reputation.

Breath and reflect.

That is what the rest of us need to do. Whether we voted for the victors or the losers, the outcome has already been made certain. We will need to give them time to organize and plan for their next move. Till then we continue to live our lives as if nothing has changed and not make plans based on things that we can never be certain will happen.

Breath and reflect.

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