Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Indonesia Trip '08 – Tentative Travel Plans

Took some time these past days to do some research on the places that we will be going on our Indonesia trip to flesh out the proposed travel itinerary. I think that I’ve got a fairly varied list of attractions types to visit but I would definitely welcome any additional recommendations of things to see/do/visit while were are there.

Day 01
- Departure from KUL - Jakarta, arrival mid morning
- Hotel check-in and rest
- MONAS/Museum + Sunset at Sunda Kelapa Harbor
- night : free and easy
- overnight Jakarta

Day 02
- Full day Jakarta
- Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
- afternoon + night : free and easy
- overnight Jakarta

Day 03
- Exit Jakarta - Puncak via overland travel
- Stopover at Sari Ater Hot Springs Resort, Puncak
- Arrival in Bandung mid afternoon
- Hotel check-in and rest
- night : free and easy

Day 04
- Full day Bandung
- Mt. Tangkuban Perahu Crater hiking trip
- Shopping at Bandung
- overnight Bandung

Day 05
- Exit Bandung - Yogyakarta train trip (early morning)
- Arrival in Yogyakarta mid afternoon
- Hotel check-in and rest
- Taman Sari Water Castle & Ngasem Bird Market tour
- night : free and easy
- overnight Yogyakarta

Day 06
- Full day Yogyakarta
- Borobudur temple tour
- Parambanan temple tour
- Kotagade Palace tour
- overnight Yogyakarta

Day 07
- Full day Yogyakarta
- Sultan’s Palace/Kraton tour
- afternoon + night: free and easy
- overnight Yogyakarta

Day 08
- Exit Yogyakarta - Solo train or bus trip (early morning)
- Arrival in Solo early morning
- Hotel check in and rest
- Javanese Spa and Message relaxation treat
- night : free and easy
- overnight Solo

Day 09
- Departure from Solo – KUL (early morning)
- Arrival KUL in afternoon
- Rest and recovery


ad said...

pack nya!!!kene makan jamu bertenaga nak jalan2..

Nickxandar said...

hahaha ... jamu kena cari kat sana lor. Sementara tu kat sini buat full body endurance training tambahkan stamina :p

Chen said...

There are some dancing and sometimes traditional music practice sessions at the Kraton in Yogya on some days, especially Sundays. Visitors can watch for free. No special seating or anything, just stand around the practice spot.

Ngasem bird market should be quiet interesting, I passed by the area but my friends refuse to stop because of the bird flu epidemic. Not sure what is the current bird flu situation there now.

Taman Sari Water Castle is boring, according to my Rough Guide book, but I find it okay la. Can see the olden day Sultan's harem. It's only walking distance to Ngasem bird market.

You can go around Yogya or the Kraton by andong. Those are the horse-pulled carts. Remember to bargain the price first before going onboard.

In Yogya, don't forget to check out Malioboro street. That's where all the action and shopping is. It will be great if u can find some hotel near there so u can just walk to Malioboro street for your meals and shopping.

Do try the nasi liwat and nasi gudek while u're there. U can eat at the lesehans. Lesehan are road side stalls where u duduk bersila on the carpet-covered floor. Buskers will come and play music and u can make songs requests and give them a tip afterwards. Got roadside artist who can draw and paint ur potrait in 30 minutes while u need. U don't have to sit too still, but their art quality is rather dubious. I had my portrait painted twice by different people, both pictures don't look like me at all!!! about RM30 per water-colour painting. bargain bargain bargain.

Solo- nothing much to do there as it is more of an administrative and business district, not like Yogya which caters for tourists better. In Solo, do check out the Wong Solo restaurant. Very famous for ayam bakar and not too expensive. Ikan bakar there is absolutely fabulous and to die for!

Have fun!

Kembara Musafir said...

huaaaa....! bestnyer gi jalan2 Indonesia... next time I follow your travel itinerary... have been only to Jakarta & Bandung (via Puncak). kat Puncak, they have a Safari (drive through, no walking2 one...), was nice, worth visiting I guess...

Taman Mini Indonesia is nice to visit during wknd coz they organize events there... last time, there was a "Lomba Kasidah".. ala2 pertandingan nasyid gitu in one of the pavilions... at another place, near the lake, depa siap buat Joget Lambak lagi ... a group was playing some music (open air), then spontaneously the crowd just started to dance all together... traditional music one you know...! and don't forget to catch the shows at the Pavilions...! ramai Indonesian kat Taman Mini tuh drng wknd. It's a place to lepak for the locals, I guess...

Kat Bandung,.... nice food!! try their crackers (kerepek belut, kerepek daun bunga raya... am not convinced, I think it was spinach..., kerepek paru...) and various sweets... best!! sesuai utk buat buah tgn... of course kat Bandung, selalunya pple go for shopping ler... for clothes, kasut... check out the "Toko Kue" (sort of bakery) especially "Kartika Sari" (they have a few outlets in Bandung - kat Dago, Buah Batu, Kebon Jukut, Kopo Sayati...). they sell all this little snacks (kuih/kue - I actually love the salty snacks) and cakes... really good and tasty

if you all wanna experience a nice dinner in a small pondok/teratak kampung ambiance, on a small hill, duduk atas lantai with pillows everywhere in the pondoks... go to "Kampung Daun Restaurant"... it was a nice, relaxing experience, so good that I memang berani recommend one!, some photos of the place at :
have to arrive there by 6pm, no reservation, first come first serve, lots of people especially drng wknds... last time, I paid like MYR210 for 3 people with lots of food... one thing though, service is a bit slow... nak buat camna, they have to bring the food all the way from the main cook house to all the different pondoks, dan nak panggil waiter dia siksa sikit sebab depa ala2 berdiri kat lorong in between the pondoks... do not put high expectation on the food though, for me it was good/delicious, but the friend who was with me said that he was not very impressed - being Indonesian, he could find far better Indonesian tasty food elsewhere at cheaper price... go for the ambiance, for the experience... was really nice...!berani sumpah "atas kubur nenek moyang aku..." kinna thing... hehehe
masa hiking kat Tangkuban Perahu, jgn lupa masak telur rebus at the hot springs towards the end of the hiking trip...:) careful, check first how much you have to pay for the Guide (for the hiking. kalau tak silap, tak leh masuk without a Guide in the group), and better not buy anythg from the boys who will follow you all, all the way down, while trying to sell you lots of souvenirs/craps that you can get much cheaper in town... tapi kesian ler pulak, depa ikut sampai ke bawah tapi kita tak beli apa2....

sori ler, panjang bebeno... just wanted to share the wonderful stuffs I experienced in Bandung/Jakarta... can't wait to go to Yogya...! have fun dude pegi outing ramai2 dgn geng2...! sure happening punyer...!

Nickxandar said...

Chen & Johan ...

Thanks for the tips. Definitely will get added to our to do list if we can manage it.

It's turning out that we would be doing an amazing race type of trip by taking local transports and local eats. Really plan to go native on this trip ...

Chen said...

remember to bring spare medications:
panadol, painkiller , something for dizziness or vomiting, tummy pain, diarrhoea et cetera. just in case la. but hopefully all turns out well !

funeno said...

hi nick, just to inform you that Sari Ater Hot Springs Resort, or we local call 'Ciater' is not in Puncak (Bogor-Cianjur) but on the foothill of Tangkuban Perahu (Bandung). You should pass Bandung first to go to Ciater from Jakarta-Puncak.
btw, in Puncak you can enjoy Taman Safari (Safari Garden/Zoo, that I believe is much better than Singapore's safari) or you can go to Kebun Raya Cibodas (as beautiful as Kebun Raya Bogor).
Enjoy the trip.

Azim said...

My wife and I will be going to Bandung then Jakarta only for Saturday till Sunday (crazy???). Will be going next Friday 27th (2pm from LCCT)

Want to know lah...whether 10M of rupiah will be sufficient for all hotels, supirs, shoppings, eatings and also "bribes"

also, since I have a week to prepare (actually havent make any booking), please advice and recommend any nice hotel and supirs at Bandung and Jakarta.

Thanks guyz...Jasamu dikenang...