Friday, September 14, 2007

Blipvert Update

Blipvert #1

Yesterday was my first time working out at the gym during the fasting month and it wasn’t as hard as I expected it. Either it is just because it is still early in the fasting month or if my current workout routine is just not as taxing as I would like to think it is, I was able to go through with the plan with some adjustment. One thing that I had to drop from my original plan was the 10 minute that I spend on the rowing machine for cardio exercise. I had to drop this as I was late going to gym yesterday after breaking fast. I only broke my fast with 3 pieces of kuih, half serving of bubur pulut hitam and a mug of Complan mix but I still had to wait for about 45 minutes before I felt comfortable enough to go.

Even without the 10 minute rowing workout, it was still a good one as I managed to get through all the goals that I set for myself. Guess that just means that I have more than enough fat supply to burn off on top of the fasting which exactly why I need the gym time. I fully intend to stay with the program for the duration of the fasting month so we’ll see how it goes in the days ahead.

Blipvert #2

The route that I take to walk to and from work used to be full of stalls selling food for buka puasa every fasting month. That changed a few years back when they started the food bazaar in the parking area of the Sunway mosque which gathered all those separate stalls into one location. I’ve always looked forward for the Ramadhan food bazaar there since it would be the time that I could get dishes that I normally can’t get for dinner during the rest of the year. This year is no different but I have to be mindful of not overindulging like I always do.

For the 1st day, the food bazaar was quite good. There were quite a wide spread of selection and of course the crowd was out in full force. There were a few sellers that I recognized from previous years returning so I already know the quality of their dishes which make the task of selecting what to buy that much easier. I’ve overheard some of the sellers talking that they expect more stalls to start operating at the end of the week so there would be more to check out later in the month. I would definitely make a return visit soon.

Blipvert #3

I will be going back to my parents house this weekend to break fast with them. I have this rule that I would make sure that I came back at least once during the fasting month for that. This year it looks like I will be coming back twice since this weekend is just so I could get everyone together to plan what our Hari Raya plans will be at the end of the fasting month. Since most in the family have families of their own, we have to make sure that we have plans drawn up in advance so there won’t be any grumbling about it later. It was different when we were all younger. Hari Raya meant that everyone us at home with the parents. Nowadays my siblings have in-laws and related parties on their spouse side to consider.

Obviously, I don’t have that to take into consideration but I still like to know who would be around to celebrate Hari Raya with my parents. If nothing else, I know how much “duit raya” to prepare for my nieces and nephews which as I rule I dole out only on the first 3 days of raya. The other agenda that I have for going back this weekend if to check how many of my siblings will be helping me to make the dodol this year. I’ve already scheduled that for the last weekend before Hari Raya so I need to get their commitment that they would be there to help out. I would definitely need their help as making dodol can be somewhat a back breaking job if one had to do it alone.

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