Tuesday, September 11, 2007

30 Minutes to Midnight

I normally finish at the gym at about 11:30pm on my weekday schedule and would walk past the closed shops at Sunway Pyramid on my way back. The place is not actually deserted as there are many workers putting up things in preparation of the new wing opening later this year. They had put up new coats of paint everywhere and had new lighting systems installed overhead. For the past 2 weeks, I have been observing how busy it is at Sunway Pyramid after hours. It’s a pity that I can’t really hang around long to see more of what they are doing to the mall but I guess I would get my chance to see it when the new wing opens.

Being able to walk in the mall after closing gives me a different view of the place. There is definitely a different vibe to the surroundings since what was usually filled with shoppers had turned silent with only the occasional hum of machine running in the background as company. At times it felt like you had the mall all to yourself except that none of the shops were opened and none of the escalators worked. The feeling of solitude really helped to center myself after each gym session.

The solitary walk allows me a moment of reflection on what I had done in the day and what I need to do tomorrow. It also allows me to focus on my accomplishments at the gym that day and what I need to do to top that the next time I’m there. I am still getting a hang of things there but I’m fairly certain that I’m there for the long run. It’s going to be one of those things that I hope not to turn into just another chore to do but instead a part of my daily routine that would help me wind down after a day’s work.

God knows that there are days that I really need that ….

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