Monday, January 23, 2006

DVD Review: Michael Bublé – Caught in The Act (Live)

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I bought the CD thinking at first that it was the latest CD release by Michael Bublé whom I am not shy to admit that I am totally smitten by from the very first time I heard his music. It was only when I got home and opened the plastic wrapping that I realized that it double disk package with an audio CD and a DVD of his live performance that was televised as part of the PBS TV “Great Performances” series that they showed last year in the States. Having only heard him sing on his CDs before, this impulse purchase was turning out to be better than my other impulse purchases.

The first disk of the set was an audio CD containing 8 live recordings of Michael Bublé’s songs from his televised performances. The audio on these recordings were crystal clear including the rambunctious sequels from his audience in attendance during the recording. Michael continues to prove why he deserved the accolade of the new great crooner of the new generation with his wonderful performance of the popular standards on this disk. While there were no new songs in this CD collection, it was a refreshing listen to hear them performed in a live performance. It was clear on hearing this live recording that Michael sounded as good and in tune in a live performance as he did in a studio recording.

Moving on to the meat of this set, the DVD contained 18 songs performed live in front of an audience at the Wiltern LG Theater in Los Angeles. The appropriately art-deco inspired venue was a fitting intimate setting for Bublé to bedazzle his fans with his energetic performances. Backed by his touring band of musicians, Bublé showcased songs from his 2 well received albums with the ease of a seasoned performer and the great crooner that he indubitably is.

For most of the time he was on stage it was clear from the DVD that this crooner from Vancouver was feeling good and was almost bursting out in exuberance. He had very good rapport with his audience who clearly loved him. At one point of the performance he even rushed through the audience shaking hands, giving hugs, accepting kisses and at least at one point, as he admitted himself, getting his posterior groped by the audience. It was hard not to go through the DVD without breaking out smiling at his antics.

His charm and charisma was further enhanced when he lets his wonderful smooth vocals loose on the standards that have made him famous. All of his best known songs were performed live on this DVD including my favorites like “Home”, “That’s All”, “Save the Last Dance for Me”, “You Don’t Know Me” and “How Sweet It Is” among others. He even tried his hand on “This Love” by Maroon 5 to show that he could also do pop songs if he wanted. The intimate setting and small stage was thoroughly filled by his stage presence that it was nothing short of mesmerizing to watch.

To help out on some of his performances, Bublé invited guests like Laura Pausini for "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine," Josh Groban and Chris Botti (dvd bonus) for "Song for You" who were all magnanimously talented and gracious. Bublé’s interaction with his guest was as charming and gracious as the person himself. It was wonderful to see how they fed off each other’s energy in their performances.

To round out this wonderful DVD disk, they have included a bonus performance of “Song For You” featuring Chris Botti and a backstage pass feature on how the live performance was planned. It was very refreshing to get to know Michael Bublé as a person from the interviews that was included in the backstage pass bonus documentary. This was clearly a performer who was enjoying what he did at the moment and it was hard not to be impressed by this young talent.

With a running time of almost 2 hours, the “Michael Bublé – Caught in The Act Live Performance” DVD + CD set was turning out to be a fairly enjoyable impulse purchase. Crystal clear audio and video recording of a charming, charismatic and energetic performance from this wonderful crooner are just a few reasons why it is easy to recommend this set to fans of Michael Bublé. Short of being able to attend one of his live performances, this set is an enjoyable alternative at least until he comes to our side of the world for a performance.

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