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Malaysian Idol 02-31, Airdate: 18/09/2005 – Spectaculars #8 Result Show : The Unkindest Cut

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Nick’s prediction :

Out this week : Daniel

For a change tonight, the remaining three contestants did not have to go through the awkward opening dance introductions. Instead, the Idols were lined up on centerstage as they were introduced not unlike the more dignified pre-credit opening on AI. It made for a more snappy opening than the pointy poses that I’m grateful to miss out this week.

When asked about the performances in the last Spectacular show, Roslan commented that he was disappointed with Daniel’s performance whom he felt have been on a downward slide vocally in the past weeks. Both Farah & Nita had their own problems but he felt that Nita had the best performance out of the three last Friday. Jee was proud of all three contestants and asked them to learn from all the comments and mistakes made on Friday. She also asked that whoever will be going to the finale make it a show to remember. Paul commented on the inconsistency of quality and performance in all of the remaining contestants.

I was worried that the producers would pull a ranking preview before the first commercial break like they did in the last result show. That move obviously alienated more than the lion’s share of the show’s fan and thankfully they didn’t repeat it on tonight’s result show. They did mentioned that the votes apparently were too close to call at that point.

Judges prediction for the finals:

Roslan – Farah & Nita finale.
Jee – Farah & Nita finale.
Paul – Daniel & Nita finale.

When we came back from the first commercial break, the judges comments from last Friday’s show was read out one by one for the contestants. It was then announced that Daniel would be the first contestants who will be moving on into the final round next week. To say that I was disappointed at this result was an understatement especially after the dismal performances the past 2 weeks. His continuing presence on the show was a testament to the power of fans who fanatically voted for him week after week irregardless of the quality of his performance.

The remaining ladies had to wait until after the next commercial break before they found out who would be competing against Daniel at the finals in the Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands next Friday. When we came back it was a relieved Nita who will be going to the finals and the fan favorite Farah who will be leaving the show tonight. She was thankful for the opportunity and the support of the fans who have been with her on this life affirming journey. At this point there were more than a few of her fans in the crowd who were openly sobbing and looked distraught by the result. It was with more than a little irony that the Farah’s exit song was “All By Myself” which was undoubtedly her best performance on the show last Friday.

Was I happy with the result? Definitely not. I was looking forward to an all female showdown in the finale and not have to listen to Daniel again after tonight’s show. I have never been a fan of his and despite some bright performances through out the show, it was only relatively better by comparison instead of actual quality. He does not have the vocal range to make his performances remotely interesting to listen to and has actually ended up worse performance wise then when he first started on the show. He has never been in the bottom 3 for any of the Spectacular shows as his fans have been consistent voting juggernauts overcoming all the other voters. Although that it was the nature of the show, the cult of personality surrounding Daniel was scary to watch developed as the show progressed.

Nita has always been one of my favorite contestants on the show but she has been shaky at times. She doesn’t seem to have the extra stuff that Jac had in last season’s show to really make her performances outright outstanding week after week. Fortunate for her, when she did do well, her performances would leave really lasting impressions long after the show. She does still problems pitch-wise that she really need to watch out for if she intends to claim the title of the next Malaysian Idol. She would also really need to make sure that she stayed focus in her finale performances and be more consistent with them.

I guess it was definitely clear to all who I’ll be rooting for next week.

Out this week: Farah
Nick’s prediction success to date : 10/20

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