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Malaysian Idol 02-27, Airdate: 04/09/2005 – Spectaculars #6 Result Shows: With Or Without You

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Nick’s prediction :

Bottom three: Nita, Farah & Ash
Out this week : Ash

As usual the show opens with the pointy poses introduction number that I have no energy left to complain about this week. I guess that I’ll give it a bye week this week to make up with the awful group singing last Friday. One thing to note however was that this week, not only do we have the remaining contesting dancing on stage but we also have the two hosts joined in as well. Having additional hands and feet flailing around on stage definitely didn’t help to make the opening dance any easier to stomach. At least they came out and admit that they were not good dancers. Lets just hope that they don’t do it again.

I have to say that it was strange watching the beginning of the show on 8TV (non-Astro broadcast) tonight. I was fairly sure that they had the audio feed out of sync with the video feed. It was actually quite hilarious hearing everyone speak just a little earlier than the movement of their lips as shown on TV. It was like watching a old Chinese kung-fu movie from the 70’s with English dubbed lines. They eventually fixed the problem after the first commercial break (I think) but it made the show fund to watch on a whole different level while it lasted.

When asked about the performances last Friday, Roslan commented that the “Classics” was not an easy theme to tackled especially by new singers. They all have tried their best but Roslan liked Daniel’s Malay song reinterpretation best out of the performances last Friday. Jee mentioned that at this stage she noticed that there were still contestants were still starting weakly in the beginning of their songs and only to have to recover in the middle. From what she had seen in the play backs, she liked Nita’s second performance best. Paul was not pleased that the contestants were still not using the opportunity to reinterpret the song they choose for the theme spectaculars into a style that was more suitable to they own vocal style. He pointed out that Daniel’s second performance was a perfect example of something that he wanted to see more of in the show.

Judges Predictions:

Roslan : Faizull
Jee : Faizull & Ash
Paul : Farah

All the contestants were called on to the centerstage and had the judges’ comments from Friday read out to them. At the end of that, they called out Daniel and Nita to announced that they received the top 2 highest number of votes this week. This meant that Farah returned to the bottom 3 yet again but she was accompanied by 2 of the male contestants who for them this was their first visit to bottom 3 territory. Farah, Ash and Faizull were now left to wait for the announcement of the person leaving the competition.

Having been in the bottom 3 so many times, Farah was certain that tonight was her time to go. But as fate would have it, it was revealed that she received the 3rd highest number of votes instead for her performance last Friday. The announcement was so unexpected by Farah that it took a few times for the host to tell her that she was safe for it to sink in. She was just standing around stunned before she finally joined Nita & Daniel on the Sofa of Survival. This meant that one of the male contestants who has never been in the bottom 3 was up on the chopping block tonight.

It turn out that it was Ash’s turn to leave the competition tonight. I have never been a big fan of his but I will give him credit that he gave the best performances when he seemed the most truthful to who he really was. He was the chameleon on the show and did not really stuck to any particular vocal styling. While this made him more versatile that most contestant who came on the show, it always felt that there was something rehearsed/fake in what he was showing to the audience. In the end the voters couldn’t relate to him in the long run enough to continue voting for him.

Out this week: Ash
Nick’s prediction success to date : 9/18

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