Monday, September 12, 2005

Malaysian Idol 02-29, Airdate: 11/09/2005 – Spectaculars #7 Results Show: And He’ll Keep on Rockin’

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Nick’s prediction :

Bottom three: Farah, Faizull & Daniel
Out this week : Faizull

The show opened tonight with the usual dance introductions but what made it more memorable for me tonight was the song that they used for the introduction. It was a really strange mix of Shakira’s “Whenever Wherever” track laid over Bee Gee’s “Saturday Night Fever”. Strangely enough I thought that the mix worked and it was something quite different and nice to listen to distract from the awful dancing on stage.

Different from all the other results show, they decided to bypass the usual judges comment about the last Spectacular shows and called out the contestant to centerstage earlier than usual. The remaining 4 contestants had their comments from last Friday’s show read one by one by the hosts. Immediately after the comments were read, the 4 contestants were split up into 2 groups. Farah and Daniel was in the first group while Nita and Faizull was in the other group. The audience were then told that Nita and Faizull were both in the bottom half of the voting ranks at that point and that the lines were still opened for voters to change the possible outcome of results.

This was definitely very much different than what we were used to on this show. They might as well show us the current percentages to get more people to start voting because this was clear what they expected to happened. I felt that this ploy to get more votes in the last minutes was a little bit too much and blatant for me. They should rethink how something like this would look to the fans of the show the next time they want to do something different on the result show.

Daniel and Farah were then announced as continuing into the next round after the commercial break as they received the most number of votes from the show last Friday. As before the commercial, Faizull and Nita was still in the bottom 2 tonight despite the earlier plea to get more votes for them. The judges were finally acknowledged tonight as they were asked to comment about the bottom two tonight. Roslan felt that it was time that Faizull leave the contest after not being able to adapt to the competition. Jee highlighted the need for the eventual Malaysian Idol to be more versatile. Paul was confused by the bottom two as it seemed to him that the voting trend was that voters were only mobilized to vote to save their favorites only when they perform badly in the spectaculars instead of voting when they performed well.

At the end of the night, they announced that Nita was safe into the Top 3 and Faizull was out after tonight’s show. I’ve already elaborated why I don’t think that Faizull would be continuing onwards in my last entry and I still stand by my assessment. It was a good run for someone who nobody would think could last this long on the show.

Out this week: Faizull
Nick’s prediction success to date : 10/19


Anonymous said...

10/19... not bad, you're batting above .5!


Nickxandar said...

Some of the eliminations were obvious picks. The rest totally came from left field and blindsided me.