Thursday, September 08, 2005

Can Hardly Wait

Been quite a busy week this week.

It started off with a call from S asking me to come along on a mobile phone shopping trip since he had to get a new one for himself. Of course this time around, his new wife and her son from her previous marriage were along for the trip. It was awkward at first but I eventually warmed up to them. We went around to Low Yat Plaza to check out the models that they had on sale. We didn’t really buy any phones on that trip since he still wanted to compare more models before he made his choice but we still had a passably fun outing. Although he didn’t say it outright, I knew from what he did say that this was a way for him to assure me that they still wanted to include me in their lives.

The days following last weekend was a rush helping my father on some translation work on his short film submission for a screenwriter’s workshop that he was attending. They wanted a copy of the script that he wanted to submit to be translated into English for the workshop facilitators who were from the UK to critique before they decided which script will be chosen to be produced as a short film. It was lucky that I didn’t really have much else to do so I was able to help him out on the translation. Truth be told, the translation was not the biggest problem that he had with the script.

The biggest problem that he had with the first draft of the script was that it lacked a strong character for the audience to follow as the story progressed. The “voice” of the story moved from character to character in the script that it felt more like an ensemble piece that wouldn’t really work in a short film format. I felt that by focusing the plot in and around a particular character it will help the story stay focused and clearer. After discussing it with my father, he agreed that my recommendations would make the next draft even better so we decided to add them into the piece. We actually ended up rewriting about 60% of the first draft and ended up with something that read much better than the first draft.

I didn’t really ask to be credited as the co-writer of the story since it was still my father’s original story but I can’t help but feel really connected to the current version of the script. I’m looking forward to see if the final draft of the script would pass muster and be selected to be produced as a short film. If it does then this would be the first thing that I have ever co-written that got made into a short film. I had something that I wrote published before and even had one piece staged way back in college. If the script that I collaborated with my father got picked to be filmed, it would be a crowning achievement of this year for me.

Can hardly wait to find out this weekend.


azmi said...

Wow ! It's amazing to me that your dad took the time to participate in a screenwriting workshop. Is he retired ?! Easy to see where your love for writing comes from. Like father like son, huh ?!! If your dad's script got picked, it will be a sign of bigger things to come for you, right ?! Maybe, you can plug your own script too. Who knows ?!!

Hhmmm, sometimes I wonder whether a friendship between two guys will survive after one of them gets married. Will it be the same as before ?? Looks like there's hope after all. It all depends on us, really.

p/s: I'll be your confidant, if you still haven't found any. Boleh ke ??!! :-p

Nickxandar said...

He really started to get into writing screenplays and scripts for local TV telefilms after he retired from the army. Before joining the army, he was in a few movies under P Ramlee but wasn't really that popular. When I came along, he had to give his dream up and get a more steady job in the Army. I guess that the writing and acting jobs now is a way for him to relive his dream that he had to give up.

I've always been more partial towards writing since a child. Wasn't any good when I tried out to be a child actor in TV or the radio. Kept wanting to change my lines :) My father never really encouraged it but didn't really stop me from doing it.

I guess that's one of the things that I have him to thank for.

Friendship between guys after marriage ... I guess it all depends on how you see it evolve. The way I come to accept is that if there was any need for sometime away from the wife, the friends woulds still be there. Things would definitely change after marriage. It's how you adapt to the change that counts.

Something that I always try to keep in mind when dealing with change (after starting to accept it) is something that I learnt in the States.

"Give me the strength to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change what I can and the wisdom to tell the difference"

Simple words that really means a lot.

p/s: Boleh ... tak jadi masalah :p

azmi said...

Patutlah !!!! Usually, people who are retired would just be content spending time relaxing, playing with the grandkids, banyakkan ibadat to GOD and stuffs like that. Your dad is one determined man. I know the feeling though, if you never tried to do anything about your dreams, then for sure you'll spend the rest of your life wondering whether you have what it takes to make it.

Awww, Nick !! You're a former child actor ?!! You must be awfully CUTE when you was a child. Heck, now you got me wondering what you look like now. ;-)

How come for most people when they studied overseas that they learned about one of life's important lessons ?!! Now, I'm starting to feel inadequate. Hehe ! My sis is studying medicine in Ireland while I'm stucked here studying in a private college. Well, I was never a good student. I was just average. But, somehow, people perceived me to be this all-knowing guy they turn to when they have a problem. It annoys me like hell, you know. Inilah muka skema punye pasal. ROTFL !! Pakai speks lagi. I've heard that quote somewhere before. It IS a good one !

Oh, one other thing, should we continue our correspondant by email..since it started to get a wee bit personal ??

p/s: What does the job of a confidant entails ?! Is there a contract that I should sign ?!! *wink*wink* LOL !!!

Nickxandar said...

Azmi .. no prob. Feel free to drop me a line at