Friday, October 03, 2003

My Love Relationship with TWOP

There are 5 new questions this week on Friday Five but it is pointless for me to answer them this week. The reason being is that this week’s questions are about the car that you drive. Since I don’t drive, none of the questions apply to me this week. So it will be another bye week for my Friday Five.

In other news, a bunch of my favorite TV series has started their new seasons in the US. This means that I’ll be following the recaps and forums on Television Without Pity site much closer now. It sucks that I don’t get to see them until at least a year after they air on American TV or until the release them on DVD but TWOP helps ease the suffering. If for nothing else, I’ll tune into that wonderful website for the snark.

Among the threads that I follow closely on TWOP site:

1. The Amazing Race
Enjoyable recaps that don’t shrink from calling the contestants out if they did something stupid. They also have a really active forum for this show at TWOP.

2. Angel
I found TWOP (when it was call Mighty Big TV) while looking for any stuff that I could find about “Angel” on the web. This recap thread was basically the first that I read from the site. It’s fun and funny to read especially when the recapper starts ragging on David Boreanaz’s chest and Charisma Carpenter’s clothes in the series.

3. Carnivale
This is a new series on American TV that caught my attention since it sounds so much like what Clive Barker would write about. I’m getting an “American Gothic” vibe from it.

4. Jake 2.0
Another new series debuting in the fall season and stars Christopher Gorham who I last saw in “Popular”. He was one of the reasons I never missed an episode of that show (the other being watching Bryce Johnson).

5. The O.C.
Serious eye candy and HoYay content evident even from the recaps. I would definitely get this one when it comes out on DVD.

6. The Real World
Not only do they have recaps of all the episodes of this series for the last 12 seasons, each one is really funny to read. I think that this thread is the longest and the most complete one they have.

7. Smallville
A.K.A the show with the most HoYay content (except when the producers decide to focus on Lana) on TWOP thanks largely to the efforts of the recapper. Watching the show after reading the recaps here really gives another layer to the show to enjoy. The Clark/Lex on-screen dynamics will never be the same once you read these recaps.

8. Survivor
Since we get to see “Survivor” just a few hours after the folks in the US do, I usually try to avoid reading the recaps here until after I see the show for myself. That way I’m still excited about finding out who gets voted out at the end of the episode. It is really funny reading the recaps afterwards and finding out all the things that I missed out on my first viewing.

The recaps are not the only things that they have on TWOP. Their forums are quite lively and hilarious to read as well. I can just spend hours lurking on the message boards and reading about my favorite shows. Definitely one of the links on my daily visit list.

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