Thursday, July 10, 2003

What Would You Do With A Million Dollars?

What would you do if you were given one million dollars?

I guess that after I use that money to repay all my debts and setup a nice little nest egg for retirement, I would use it to go on a travel around the world. Not just to the major tourist destinations but to at least one country in all the major landmass on Earth. I’ve always dreamt of doing this. As a child, Geography was my favorite subject in school because I got to learn about all that faraway places. I used to be able to name all the capitals cities of all countries on the map at one time. I remember having a map of the world on my bedroom wall with little post-it notes stuck on them with details of what I wanted to do if I ever went there. I loved that map a lot and was devastated when I lost it the last time we moved house.

I dream of standing in the rolling green of Ireland on a bright windy day. I would like to go hiking on a trail that leads up to the ruins of an ancient Aztec temple in Mexico. I would like to walk the length of the Great Wall of China and see the Victoria Falls in Africa. Watch the ancient turtles on Galapagos Island and ride the horses in the Pampas of Argentina. Experience the excitement of Halloween in Louisiana and the tranquility of a traditional tea ceremony in Japan. Taste exotic food in India and learn how to cook authentic French cuisine. Walk into the Coliseum in Rome and go to a all-day rave in Ibiza. These are just among the things that I would do if I ever get the chance to go there.

As I grew older, I never lost that sense of wanderlust. I guess that it is partly because I’ve never been comfortable being in one place for extended periods of time. Maybe it is also because I have a feeling that there is something wonderful for me to discover just beyond the end of the street that I live in. To date, I’ve only traveled to most of the states in Malaysia, Hong Kong on business and the US for my studies. It maybe quite a lot of traveling done if compared to someone who has never traveled before but for me it just whets my appetite for more. Nevertheless, the chances of me getting a million dollars are about as good as hell freezing over so all this may just be a pipe dream. Regardless, I still hold on the hope that I may well be able to travel the globe one day. I may never be able to do it but at least I dare to dream it.

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