Monday, July 28, 2003

Weekend With The Parental Units

As far as weekends goes, last weekend was a slow one. Spent most of it at my parent’s house since I had to cancel on them last weekend. I did take my parents out for lunch on Sunday in part because I also wanted to look at some furniture concepts for my new apartment. Of course I got an earful of advice from both of them about the apartment. While both of them were supportive of my decision to get an apartment, they are still asking if I intend to live alone for long. In a roundabout way, they are in fact trying to find out if I had found anyone that I’m thinking of bringing home to meet the parents! Same old story.

One thing I noticed when I was at my parents’ house was the number of Korean serial VCD sets they had at home. It seems that my mum has been following more than a few serials lately and has been collecting them like I collect comics. Personally I don’t really get the recent obsession of Malaysians with Korean dramas. I guess that the stories are quite good for what little I’ve seen and the actors are quite pleasing to the eyes if that sort of thing is what you’re into but I can never follow the sappy melodrama episode after episode. Maybe I’m too entrenched in American TV culture that I have little patience for Korean, Japanese or Chinese serials.

I guess others are thinking the same things when they are trying to figure out my obsession with Star Trek, reality shows and WB teen-dramas!

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