Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Totally Nothing Happened Today

Today was one of those days where nothing even remotely interesting happened. I’ve been attending process orientation training for the past 2 days that would have been more interesting if the presenter didn’t have a voice that would even put dead people asleep. Of course in better days, this training would have been conducted in Singapore instead of being done through a phone conference. At least then, I could get some sight-seeing time in between trainings. I kinda missed those good old days. Anyway … today was actually a welcomed respite since it seems that I have a packed day tomorrow. Somehow I managed to schedule myself to 3 different meetings back to back. I should take more care before I accept meeting appointments in the future!

In between the training breaks I managed to logon to the TWOP Dawson’s Creek forum and noticed that they have posted news about the upcoming series finale DVD. It seems that it would be available sometime later this year and would also have some of the scenes that were cut out before included. This is actually good news since I am really looking forward for that release. I was afraid that I had to wait until they release the final season set on DVD before I could see it. Hopefully I would be able to fit it into my budget for DVDs this year which will be hard since there are a lot of new DVDs that I’ve already preordered. I guess that something has to go but which will it be?

I’ve also finally figured out how to reduce the font size on my blogspot website. Hehh … that took awhile but it was worth the effort. My blogspot site looks better with blog entries in smaller fonts. I think that I’ll keep it as it is for awhile before I think about changing it again.

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