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“Short+Sweet: Theater – Week 1” at KLPac

KLPac Presents

A Festival of Words

After a successful 2 week run of Short+Sweet Dance, it is now time for the theater section to take center stage.

With the challenge of creating “a more creative world ten minutes at a time”, the call went out for writers to submit their 10 minute pieces for consideration. A number of them did rise to the occasion and as a result, 30 pieces were selected for this year’s edition of the theater festival. Directors and actors were later interviewed and auditioned for the 21 pieces will be performed in the last 2 weeks of the Short+Sweet festival beginning on the 5th August and running up to the 15th August. The remaining 9 pieces will be stage read in a special session on Sunday, 9th August 2009

All theater performances featured in the Short+Sweet 2009 edition will also be in competition for several categories that will be judged by both a professional panel of judges as well as members of the audience based on the feedback forms filled up at the end of each performance. Shortlisted theater performances will be performed again during the Short+Sweet: Theater Gala Night on the 16nd August 2009 where the winners of the individual category will also be announced.

Come and join in the celebration of homegrown creativity and talents by attending the performances and leaving your feedback at the end of the show.
Please note that the theater performance may contain mature themes, subject matter and/or content that may not be suitable for minors (PG-13).
Please also be advised that lit cigarette may be used as props in some of the performances.

Week 1 (5 - 8 Aug 2009)

Writer: Akmar Zaki
Director: Akmar Zaki
Cast: Amy Tia, Sadyabama, Tiana Xavier, Hazel Hadian

Synopsis: We are the new Kate Moss (with beautiful curves) in town. We are here to say that fat is phat!

“Baby, Baby”
Writer: Nora Lim
Director: Nora Lim
Cast: Claudia Low

Synopsis: Follow an obsessed Kate on her emotional and at times, hilarious journey to get pregnant.

Writer: Adiwijaya
Director: Megat Sharizal
Cast: Abdul Qahar Aqilah, Shah Redza Minhat

Synopsis: Two men meet on a ledge of a tall building in a moral struggle of non-epic proportions.

“Reverse Psychology”
Writer: Vincent Edwin
Director: Ivan Gan
Cast: Andre D'Cruz, Vincent Edwin

Synopsis: Animalism, incest, GBH, GILF's, Religion & other naughty things you talk about in the shrink-patient relationship.

“The Council of Mothers”
Writer: Angeline Woon
Director: PoG
Cast: Shirin Jauhari, Shamaine Othman

Synopsis: On things we take for granted, like partners and the science of making babies.

“The Stage”
Writer: Nalina Samynathan
Director: Nicole-Ann Thomas
Cast: Payal Vashist, Niki Cheong

Synopsis: A tongue-in-cheek account of stage management by a frustrated stage manager.

“Life's A Twitch”
Writer: Maya Tan Abdullah
Director: Hot Buns
Cast: Bella Rahim, Hairi

Synopsis: Mice and men- do they escape life's difficulties the same way?

“The Waiting Room”
Writer: Sheena Baharudin
Director: Syatirah Safran
Cast: Christian Neal Capes, Rachel Lai, Sani Zainal Abidin

Synopsis: After what seems like an eternity of waiting, three individuals find themselves in an unlikely crossroads of their lives where the complexities of love, loss, faith and sexuality collide.

“A Play Regarding A Chance Encounter”
Writer: Kevin Larken
Director: James Wu
Cast: Hana Mazlan, Niki Cheong, James Wu

Synopsis: Mind if I sit here?

Writer: Aminda Faradilla
Director: Esnani Elias
Cast: Lvynn

Synopsis: The story of a woman who saw the end as just another day, highlighted and circled on a calendar.

The following scripts have been selected for stage readings on Sunday 9 Aug 2009@8:30 pm

“Revenge of the Stage Manager” (Writer: Nalina Samynathan)
“Saturday Night” (Writer: Shamaine Othman)
“Suzy” (Writer: Mikey Tai)
“Transit” (Writer: Charis Ding Sue Fei)
“Under the Sunless Sky” (Writer: Shern)
“What Happens After a Fairytale Ending” (Writer: Sharon Lam)
“While She Lasts” (Writer: Muhammad Muhaimin bin Zulkarnain)
“Age-defying Tricks For Women” (Writer: PoG)
“Borderline” (Writer: Chong Evie)

Date & Time:
Week 1: 5 – 8 Aug @ 8.30pm
Week 2: 12 – 15 Aug 2009 @ 8.30pm

Stage readings: 9 Aug@8:30pm

Theater Gala Night: 16 August @ 8.30pm


Week 1 & 2
RM30 / RM15 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)

Stage Readings
Free Admission

Gala Night
RM40 / RM25 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)

Enjoy a 10% discount when you purchase a ticket for Week 1, Week 2 and the Gala Final! (In a single receipt)

Box Office:
(KLPac) 4047 9000

Venue Website: http://www.klpac.com/

Facebook Event link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114381279264

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